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Leah, or Zombie Mamma, our new K-drama columnist and Chicago correspondant
Leah, or Zombie Mamma, our new K-drama columnist and Chicago correspondant

Hello world! It’s so nice to meet you! My name’s Leah (also known as Zombie Mamma) and I’m beyond thrilled to be joining Cindy here at ATK Magazine, as we share our love of all things Korean with you, our lovely readers. I’ve been a hopeless K-Drama addict for years, spending far more hours than I’d care to admit, sobbing over sappy love stories and suffering endlessly from the pain of Second Lead Syndrome. My love of K-Dramas (or more specifically, Yong Hwa’s character in You’re Beautiful) eventually led me into the world of K-Pop and I’ve been happily lost in that Wonderland ever since. I can honestly say that I love an ever-growing number of K-Pop bands (I am the ultimate multi-fan) but I do harbor a bit of a soft-spot for VIXX. (I blame it on the concept they used for “On & On”… Vampires are my guilty pleasure.)

When I’m not marathoning dramas, I like to explore the world through my kitchen and though I’ve yet to find a 할모니 (halmoni) willing to teach me all her secrets, I’ve managed to get by fairly well on my own and can make some pretty mean 떡볶이 (Ddeokbokki/Tteokbokki). (One of my all-time favorite snacks, btw.) Between the dramas and the cooking and the jamming to K-Pop, I miraculously manage to find the time to share my love of all things Hallyu on my own website (zombiemamma.com) as well as several others.

I’m also a social media junkie and you can find me flipping tables over the dramas I’m currently watching and squeeing over all my biases.

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