Sarah Llewelyn

Image courtesy of Sarah

I’m a Toronto-based music lover who’s been shooting live shows since high school. Kanye West’s ‘Glow In the Dark’ tour was one of the first concerts, where I painstakingly took photos of the jumbotron with a shiny red Sony Cybershot camera. I’ve been listening to Korean music since 2009, when I stumbled across BOA’s ‘Eat You Up’ MV while watching Britney Spears on YouTube. With the popularity of Korean music growing in North America, I’ve been able to see some great acts over the years. One of my highlights was meeting Beenzino, one of my favourite rappers. My craziest show had to be Keith Ape. Got kicked in the chest, legs black-and-blue from being a little too front row. Worth every bruise. Another thrill was seeing Big Bang at the ACC, after years of Canada being overlooked for their world tours. It’s my hope that Korean music will continue to gain traction in North America, with rock and alternative acts as well as the ‘K-pop’ South Korea has become famous for. As an international fan I’m excited to contribute to ATK Magazine and spread the word about amazing artists coming to Toronto. When I’m not trying to get my DSLR past the metal detectors at stadium shows, you can find me jogging, reading or nerding out with great movies. Please check out my Instagram for music of all kinds.

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