Sam Hodder

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I’m a writer, ESL teacher, and non-profit worker living in Toronto. I was born in Newfoundland, raised mostly in New Brunswick, and came to Toronto in 2015. I have been teaching ESL to students from around the world for over 10 years, but most of my students have been Korean. I often teach ESL online to students living in Korea. I hope to go to Korea someday either to teach or just to visit. I developed an interest in Korean culture and language by teaching Korean students, and I have recently started to learn the language. I have loved K-Dramas for a few years now, and binge-watch them often. I speak Spanish and French quite well, and my Korean is still at the beginner level.

I am a vegan who also has some food allergies, and this made me shy away from Korean food at times, but now I am trying to master the art of ordering vegan Korean food in non-vegan establishments and making some vegan Korean food at home (despite my lack of cooking skills).

I love to volunteer, and love animals, so I work a lot with cat rescue groups, and I foster cats. When I’m not working or volunteering, I’m probably doing something related to sci-fi and comics. I’m a huge geek and love to go to comic conventions and fan-girl over my favourite actors, artists, and cosplayers. I also make jewellery in my free time, and have an Etsy Shop where I sell my jewellery.

You can find Sam’s articles here.

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