Image courtesy of Noreen
Image courtesy of Noreen

I am a Big Bang fan, Return of Superman addict, and Korean language learner living in Brampton, Ontario. I love watching films – Hollywood and Korean movies. I also hope to visit Korea again. I was only able to spend 16 hours in Seoul last year when I had a long stopover at Incheon Airport! I had the chance to visit the city by taking the express train, but I want to come back for a longer vacation some time soon.

I have a few videos floating in the YouTube realm – since I participated in a couple of episodes of Arirang Radio’s Catch The Wave program, and in one of Talk To Me In Korean’s international song covers. I am usually a shy person and would never upload any personal video – especially one of me singing! Haha. But in order to learn a new language, I guess it is natural that I get out of my comfort zone. I hope to share my resources, tips, and stories about Korean language learning here in ATK Magazine! 🙂

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