Katherine Matthews

Courtesy of Katherine

I’m a writer in Guelph, Ontario, but my travels have seen me spend several years in France. Though I’ve never been to South Korea, it’s up there with India on my future travel wish list. I write extensively about Indian cinema for my blog, Totally Filmi, and for several years now I’ve also covered the London Indian Film Festival for Bollyspice.com. My love for all things Korean is more recent, but I fell hard for K-dramas, Korean music (of course, I adore Big Bang, but I also love bands like Rose Motel and No Brain, and I have a soft spot for trot), and Korean food – I’m no slouch in the kimchi department. While films are my favourite thing to write about, I’m happy to be here at ATK Magazine with an opportunity to share some wonderful Korean books in English translation – though my dream is to one day be able to read Hangeul well enough to also begin exploring some of the great Korean literature that never makes it to translation (I’m looking at you, 뿌리 깊은 나무!)

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