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Image courtesy of Jordan
Image courtesy of Jordan

안녕~! (Hi~!) I’ll be writing about K-pop and Korean fashion here on ATK Magazine. You can call me Jordan or Jojo—anything goes! I was born in the USA, but I moved to Ecuador at a young age. Since I traveled a lot, I quickly became obsessed with cultures as a child.
Then, one day, I got sucked into the “black hole” of K-pop. My first love was BTS, but I also listen to a wide variety of Korean artists. Listening to their lyrics and watching idol performances, I became very curious to know more about Korean culture. I started listening to more bands, learning Hangul, and researching about life in Korea.

As I connected with the culture more, I decided I wanted to go to South Korea one day. Because of this desire to travel, I’m currently majoring in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Lee University. My goal is to move to Korea when I graduate and teach English there. I’ll probably always be learning about Korea, so I’m just enjoying the journey—and I look forward to sharing it with you all! ^^

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