Jean Libert

Photo courtesy of Jean

Born in Seoul, raised in LA, and living in NY, you’ll usually find me behind a camera or as a fan at most K-pop and Korean related events. As an art collection manager by day, my passion has been foremost for all things visual and frankly there are no shortages of visuals in K-pop. A desire to boost my native tongue led this insomniac into the K-pop/K-drama rabbit hole where I found a world of kindred spirits bound by a similar addiction without barriers of age, race, sex or class. My visual addiction also drew me behind the camera and you can find my photographs published by the former MTV Iggy, Kpopstarz, and Hello Asia. Here, I’m turning another leaf by joining the ATK family to add words to my photos and you’ll find I have plenty to say. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts, as well as my images, with you and I hope you enjoy them!

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