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Jasmine Sohn

Image courtesy of Jasmine

Image courtesy of Jasmine

Jung-hwa Choi, president of the Korea Image Communication Institute, has been my heroine ever since I was a little girl. I was so inspired by her projects uncovering Korea’s hidden cultural gems. I emulated her by learning English, hanging out with foreigners, and enjoying Korean culture. Up until now, I have committed myself to delivering Korea’s brand, but in a more community-based way. While working, I became interested in not only introducing Korea to visitors but also leading people to have an interest in Korea by promoting cultural contents. Since 2014, I have promoted local musicians by featuring them in global media scenes via written media and the distribution of music content from Korea. On the other hand, I have been involved in Sofar Sounds – a global music community curating intimate gigs. As the Partnerships & Field Marketing Specialist of Sofar Seoul, I have communicated with other Sofar teams, so that Sofar Seoul alumni may have the opportunities to perform abroad. I am always open to new chances to communicate with people from all around the world about Korea.

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