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Hi there, if you’re a long time reader, you’ve probably noticed that ATK Magazine is no longer a blog, nor is there solely one writer any longer. We’ve become an online magazine with different writers who write regular monthly columns about an area of Korean culture they are interested in. So you, our lovely readers, are now able to read about Korean culture from a variety of perspectives – not just our editor’s (Cindy’s), not just a girl’s and not just a non-Korean’s.

Our Featured Writers (that’s what we call them) write a regular once-a-month article (or sometimes two) on ATK Magazine. They often start off as a guest writer here but find they like writing for us so much, they will get their own by-line and become a Featured Writer. All of our fabulous Featured Writers (so far anyways) also started as readers but loved us so much that they answered our call for writers. Yay! And that’s just one of the many reasons why we love our writers!

Of course, ATK Magazine is looking for Featured Writers (or people who want to guest post). So send our editor a shout if you are interested. Bonus points if you pitch an article idea in the email (and address the email to our editor by name ^.^).

Interested? Shoot the editor an email: cindy(at)ATKmagazine(dot)com


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