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An online magazine about Korean culture, food and hallyu based in Toronto, Canada

Cindy Zimmer, Editor & Founder

Hello world! 안녕하세요! Thanks for visiting ATK Magazine!  My name is Cindy and I’m the founder, editor and primary writer here.

Who am I? I’m me of course. Seriously though, I’ve always been a huge music fan so when I went to Korea, I had a blast discovering all the fabulous music there. In the process, I became a fan of Korean music, everything from indie (No Brain, Crying Nut, Clazziquai) to hip hop (Dynamic Duo, MC Sniper, Epik High) to K-pop (Big Bang mostly). Films and food are also huge passions so I had fun checking those out as well. Along the way, I enjoyed learning and exploring almost everything Korean – the culture, the food, the music, the films, the dramas (Coffee Prince will always be my favourite), and of course, the people as I made so many great friends. Which is why I started ATK Magazine (it stands for “All Things Korean”).

How did this love of Korean culture come about? Well, there was the whole three years living in Korea… Seriously, I went to Korea to teach English for a year and stayed for three because I loved it so much! After those three fantastic years in Korea (one year in Ulsan and two in Seoul), I returned to Canada to attend graduate school, studying Fundraising (yes, there is a grad program for that) in Toronto. And while that means I don’t get out dancing in Q-vo as much (my fav club in Seoul), I do get to watch the Leafs (my fav hockey team) more. Plus the beer tastes better here 🙂 even if it’s more expensive and there are more patios to hang out on.

To help stay connected to Korea and Korean culture, I created ATK Magazine and also ran a Korean-English language exchange group called Say Kimchi for three years (until the spring of 2014).

Nowadays I work in the non-profit sector as a fundraiser; write about Korean culture on ATK Magazine; sit on the board of directors of the Toronto Korean Film Festival; and host a Korean cooking show called Canadian Doenjang (currently on hiatus).  Oh yeah, and I’m studying Korean in my free time (well, sometimes)! Hey, what can I say… I love being busy. Oh, and I occasionally write about non-Korean stuff on Toronto Thoughts. I’m on Twitter: @CindyinTO and email: Cindy(at)ATKmagazine(dot)com


The colour purple, Korean music, live music, films, doenjang jjigae, galbi, roast turkey, chocolate milk, tea, writing, running, cooking, fantasy books (especially about vampires), the Leafs (even when they are losing), the Jays, my family and friends (okay, they should be higher), a cold beer on a hot summer day (preferably on the patio), a nice glass of wine or scotch (Dalwhinnie or Glenmorangie are my fav) in the winter, shopping (I wish Canada had 24 hour malls – man, do I miss the shopping in Seoul, especially in Dongdaemun), dancing (although I don’t get out as much anymore), museums and art galleries, Christmas and Halloween, live sports, camping, eating out, nail polish and cute, flirty clothes.


Willful ignorance, cockroaches (I saw enough to last a lifetime in Korea), racism, condescension (dude, I’m not stupid, I’m a girl), the colour yellow, losing touch with friends, being bored, and not having a full social calendar.

Words I use too much:

Dude, seriously, really, excellent, 진짜, cute, 오이 (I can’t believe no one has asked why I say “cucumber” too much) and 아이씨 (but generally in my head, not out loud).

Random facts about me:

  • Western Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Occupation: Fundraiser/Writer/Editor
  • Dream occupation: Writer/Author
  • Location: Toronto
  • Hates eating onions, but cooks with them anyways
  • Listens to music all the time
  • Wears purple… a lot
  • Walks everywhere
  • Loves pansies (the flower)
  • Huge fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs (hockey) and Toronto Blue Jays (baseball)
  • Has a huge book collection and reads constantly
  • Fave candy: cinnamon hearts and Fun Dip (yep, I still eat both)

Oh, and here’s a couple of pictures of me ^^


  1. Hi Cindy,

    Happy Wednesday!! I’m an entrepreneur in Toronto and I’m doing some research for a project on social media and am trying to learn how what frustrates people about social media. I’d really love the chance to chat with you, would you be free for a 12 minute call sometime this week. Please let me know, it would really make my day!



    • Hi Chris,

      Good luck with your project, it sounds interesting. I’m not sure how I could help you as I’m not frustrated by social media. But if you have an online or email version of your questions, I’d be happy to fill it out.


  2. Hi !
    I am a York University Alumni. Last year I founded and was president a Korean culture club called “Hallyu Dongari” at york university for people who are interested in learning about Korean culture. We had students from all different backgrounds come to join our group. I have also worked with organizations such as Korea tourism organization, KCCA, Arirang Tv, and volunteered at the Korean food and drink expo of 2010. I also participated in the 18th annual dano festival as an MC and fashion show. I think it would be great if your Say Kimchi club and our club at york to keep in contact as there is a growing number of non koreans interested in korean culture. Please contact me so that we can discuss further!!

    • Sounds like a great idea 🙂 I’ll email you!

  3. hey! First I will say that I love your blog! I wonder one thing .. I am 16 years old girl who loves Korea so much want to go to school there, and then I wondered if you have any have any good advice about the different schools? 🙂

    • Hi Noor, thanks, I’m always happy to hear people like my blog. Unfortunately, I don’t know very much about going to school in Korea but it’s a great idea for a blog post as I do know a few people who studied in a Korean university. Yonsei University has a great reputation and I know a few people (both Canadians) who have studied there and loved it.

  4. nice blog cindy 🙂 awesome you’re

    • Thanks so much 🙂

  5. I think you know much more about Korea than me now! haha I’m Korean though! I’m glad to find your blog today and want to say how much I enjoed it! Definitely I will come back soon!

    • Thanks so much!! I’m glad you stopped by and of course, hope you come back 🙂 I love your food pictures!!

  6. Hello Cindy! I found you while surfing WP reader and looking for Korean cosmetics. Let me just say that I am so pleased to find your blog. I, too, love all things Korean – food, culture, skincare, beauty products, Kpop, Kdramas, you name it! And oh wow, I also love purple! You’re so lucky to be able to teach in Korea. I’ve not even been there yet. :-S I only see the lovely places and food (although tried a few while in Fort Lee NJ before) through my favourite programs and dramas. Anywho, I am just so glad to find another blogger who loves all things Korean and more! Obvious, isn’t it? 🙂

    • Hi AJ’s Mom! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again soon 🙂 It’s always nice to meet other Korean culture lovers out there!!

  7. Great blog! I especially liked your post about ‘dating in korea’ and ‘products’. I love Big Bang too!!!!! …And I’d love to teach english in Korea, too ^_^

    • Thanks!^^ I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading my blog! Come back and visit anytime.

  8. My Korean husband would agree with you about “the beer”. He thinks Korean beer tastes bad. ^^

    • Yep, it’s watery! I love a pint on a hot summer day but not Korean beer. However I did fall in love with baekseju (백세주) and bokbunja-ju (복분자주) ^^

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