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Calendar of Korean Events in Toronto

Want to know what’s happening? Then you’ve come to the right place. We list all the Korean events in Toronto here – whether it’s a festival, concert, film, party or sports event. If it’s got a Korean connection, then we want you to know about it! Plus we’ll give you all the necessary info we can so you can attend the fun Korean events, including how much it costs (if it’s not free) and where to buy tickets. Check back regularly to stay in the know on Korean events in Toronto. You know we have you covered!


Snowpiercer (설국열차)

  • What: After another ice age befalls the earth, all the remaining survivors are trapped on a train, Snowpiercer, circumnavigating the earth non-stop. But all isn’t roses as the passengers in the back revolt. Nor is it as simple as it seems.
  • When:  July 18th, various screenings. Still playing!
  • Where: TIFF Bell Lightbox (350 King Street West).
  • Why: It’s a epic sci-fi film that will blow you away. It was by far, my favourite film of 2013 (it opened in Korea in August and I saw it there). 
  • How much: $7-14 depending on the day
  • TicketsOnline or at the theatre


The Admiral: Roaring Currents (회오리 바다)

  • What: An epic film set in 1597 shows Admiral Yi Sun Shin, his turtle ships and tells the story of how his 12 remaining ships beat the invading Japanese fleet of 330 vessels in one of history’s most epic sea battles. 
  • When:  Opens August 15th. Now playing
  • Where: Yonge/Dundas Cineplex (downtown) and Empress Walk Cineplex (North York)
  • Why: An epic film about one of Korea’s most famous historical figures, Admiral Yi Sun Shin.
  • How much: $7-14 depending on the day
  • TicketsOnline or at the theatre

Kundo: The Age Of The Rampant (군도:민란의 시대)

  • What: A Robin Hood like film set at the end of the Joseon Dynasty.
  • When:  Opens August 29th
  • Where: Not confirmed yet but listed on Cineplex website, should play at either or both of Yonge/Dundas Cineplex or Empress Walk Cineplex
  • Why: Beyond being a period drama which Korea generally does well, there is a fabulous cast.
  • How much: $7-14 depending on the day
  • TicketsOnline or at the theatre


Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

  • What: The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the premier – and largest – film festivals in the world.
  • When: September 4-14, 2014
  • Where: In several locations downtown Toronto with the main being at TIFF Bell Lightbox (350 King Street West)
  • Why: There are currently 13 feature films, 1 short and an installation from Korea. This includes the 8 films screening in the City to City program which features Seoul, Korea this year. It’s the most Korean films at TIFF in one year. For more info, check out our listing of Korean films at this year’s TIFF.
  • How much: $24 for regular tickets, $46 for premiers. There are also ticket packages available. Single tickets go on sale August 31st.
  • Tickets (or for more info)Online 

The Korean Harvest Festival

  • What: The annual Korean Harvest Festival is a great way to catch a free concert or two, eat some delicious Korean street food, experience some Korean culture and explore the booths at the festival.
  • When:  Saturday, September 6th – Sunday, September 7th
  • Where: Mel Lastman Square (right at North York subway station)
  • Why: Music, food, and culture to explore. It’s always a fabulous festival.
  • How much: Free admission!
  • For more info: Check out their website or Facebook page.


**Coming soon**

Want your event listed? Please let us know!! Send an email to the editor at about any Korean-related event, concert, film, performance or festival and we’ll add it to the calendar. Invite us to cover your event and we’ll help promote it too! ^^

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