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We retain the full right to moderate, adjust, delete, or otherwise edit any comment at our sole discretion and to remove any comment from this site without notification. Currently, we only accept comments in English, Korean and French as we need to be able to read them to approve them. Additionally, you must provide a valid email to comment.

But don’t worry, you can disagree with us all you like, we just don’t like bad language or unauthorized advertising (read: excessive links) on ATK Magazine.

Review Policy

ATK Magazine loves doing reviews of anything Korean-related (events, festivals, products, restaurants, books, etc.). If you want us to review something, please contact the editor via email (cindy@ATKmagazine.com) or by using the contact/ask us form. All reviews will clearly state if we were given the product (or service) for review or if we have any connection to what is being reviewed. We will always reveal any compensation to be transparent to our readers and we will strive to publish reviews in a timely fashion. Please note: sending us a product or inviting us to an event does not guarantee a review. It must both fit into our mandate (i.e. be Korean or Korean-related) and schedule. However, we will try to review all relevant inquiries in a timely manner whenever possible.

Media Passes and Event Invites

ATK Magazine loves to cover Korean-related events and festivals and we have experience both with event promotion, interviews and as media at events, festivals, and concerts in North America (although, primarily in Toronto). Our readers love learning about cultural, music, and film events and festivals – and often look to ATK Magazine to find out what’s happening in Toronto. If your event, concert, or festival is outside of the GTA, we are also interested in helping you promote it but may not be able to attend and cover it. Please contact the editor at cindy@ATKmagazine.com for more details.


Want to advertise with us? This is a new feature we are considering so you can be one of the first to jump on board. We have several options available such as banners on our website, event sponsorship and sponsored articles. Please contact the editor at cindy@ATKmagazine.com for more details.

Calendar of Korean Events

ATK Magazine has a calendar of Korean events and festivals in Toronto/GTA. This is one of our most viewed pages and we try to add all Korean events, films, festivals and more. Would you like your event added? Contact us! This service is free-of-charge as our readers want to know what’s happening. 

We want to hear what you think!

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