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As the semester comes to an end and exams are looming, it became very apparent that a nice weekend trip was needed to de-stress for all that was to come. Unlike me, a lot of the students on exchange were here just for a semester, which meant that I wasn’t in much of a rush to travel around Korea since I had an entire year to fully explore. However that wasn’t the case for my roommate, who only had one semester to truly see Korea for her first and probably last time. Although my roommate had travelled to an array of other cities in Korea, she made it a mission for us to go to Busan (부산) together; and what a trip it was indeed.

One of the things about this trip was that my roommate and I did not see eye to eye about the duration of our trip. I preferred for us to spend a full day in Busan and make our way back to Daegu (대구); as Daegu is an hour and a half train ride away. However my roommate was against that idea because she had a huge list of places she wished to see and believed it would be impossible to see them all in one day. Nonetheless, I convinced her to make it into a day trip, and that may have been the worst mistake of our lives.

The beginning of that day didn’t disappoint, as we had booked an early morning train for 7:40 in the morning. However as fate would have it, neither of our alarm clocks went off that day and I just happened to wake up exactly at 7:40 am. So as a result, we missed our train and had to buy new ones, though we did get a partial refund so it wasn’t totally the worst.

United Nations Memorial Cemetery

Making a late start into our plans, our first stop was the United Nations Memorial Cemetery. Located in Tanggok in the Nam District; it is a burial ground for United Nations Command casualties of the Korean War. I am not personally interested in matters that have to do with conflict; however we felt it was important to visit as so many countries, including Canada, were affected by this war.

Gamcheon Village

On to lighter matters we then moved to see the Gamcheon (감천) Culture Village. However, we could not take a bus to save our lives so what should have taken an hour trip from the cemetery to the village took us two hours because we both couldn’t figure out which side was the right one for the bus, sadly missing both buses twice. Anyways, the village was just as we had read it possessing numerous amount of twisting alleys and steep streets, so much that even Google couldn’t help guide us. However, the payoff was a beautiful site with colourful houses arranged in an interesting fashion. It is definitely a must-see for anyone wanting to see Korea and who also enjoys a good hike.

Jagalchi Market

The next few stops we made were to the Jagalchi Market (자갈치 시장) as Busan is a city known for its sea, it is a popular stop. As the day began to end, we still had a major stop to make, which was Busan Tower. As there are many towers in Korea, it is expected that Busan, Korea’s second largest city, would have a tower of its own. Needless to say, it was a perfect photo opportunity, as was Haeundae (해운대) Beach but it would have been a better experience if we had gone there during the day.

Busan Tower

Well, the night ended as it began and as fate would have it we were obviously not meant to have the perfect day. This is because as we had missed our train to come here, we had also missed our train to return as well. To top it off we almost missed our stop when we did buy new tickets. Therefore, on that day we decided we would never ever go on a trip together ever again. Just so long as it isn’t the two of us alone. And that was my trip to Busan.

Until next time.

Anna Falls


One thought on “Korea on the Brain – Train to Busan

  • January 16, 2018 at 12:45 am

    Misadventures on a trip ensure you’ll never forget it and I think it makes you appreciate more the things you’re seeing once you finally get there. 🙂

    Thank you, so much, for sharing a trip that I’ll never be able to make personally.


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