Special K-pop Artist of the Month: BTS (방탄소년단)

2017 has already past and now we are in 2018. I normally write album reviews of an artist, however, this article will be different. This article is dedicated to BTS (방탄소년단). If you have not heard of them, where have you been? In my option, they are the best group in K-pop at the moment. They are an amazing band. Even though their songs are in Korean, music is a universal language and their lyrics are written in a way which has a deep meaning too. When people listen to their music, they can relate and it makes yourself think about yourself and how life is very short.

Here’s their latest single:


Summary Profile

BTS comes from a small entertainment agency in Korea, called “Big Hit Entertainment” The group debuted on June 12, 2013, with a song called “No More Dream” There debut song was amazing and aimed at the younger generation telling them to go accomplish their dreams so they can be proud when they look back on their life. BTS started off with such a strong debut song which has helped them become the group they are now.

Here’s a brief summary of the seven members of the group:

Jin – He is the oldest member and one of the vocalists of the group. All of his members call him the mum of the group as he loves cooking for his members.

Suga – He is the lead rapper of the group and he loves playing basketball in his spare time.

J-Hope – He is one of the lead dancers and one of the rappers of the group. When he was younger, he won an underground dance battle and performed at a festival in his hometown, Gwangju (광주).

RM – He is the leader and one of the rappers of the group. He taught himself English at a young age and is the English speaker of the group.

Jimin – He is one of the lead dancers and vocalist of the group. His hometown is Busan (부산) and his role models in music are Rain (비), Taeyang (태양) of Big Bang (빅뱅), and Chris Brown.

– He is one of the vocalists of the group. He’s the only member that has stared in a K-drama, where he was able to showcase his great acting skills.

Jungkook – He is one of the lead dancers, vocalist and the maknae (막내) of the group. Before joining BTS, he auditioned for Superstar K3 and then got cast to join the company.


Since BTS debuted in 2013, they have been constantly been working hard in order to gain fans to increase their popularity around the world. 2017 was the year where I felt that BTS broke in the US market. It’s very difficult to do for any K-pop group, but with the help of dedicated “ARMY’s” around the world, they made it possible for BTS to rise to the top. I feel so proud of them, they have worked hard to achieve their dreams. It’s a powerful message and is a motivation for others to never give up on their dreams.

From the day that BTS came on the scenes of K-pop. They have won so many different awards. Here’s a list of some of the awards that BTS have won:

  • First music win at Music Bank on the 5th May 2015 for “I Need U”. After two years of debut, they were able to get their first win
  • First K-pop group ever to attend and win at the Billboard Music Awards. This is huge achievement for the group to be well-known worldwide
  • The first K-pop group whose song “Spring Day” broke into the top 10 on iTunes charts in the U.S.
  • First K-pop act that entered UK Billboards album chart with Wings in 2016
  • BTS is also the first and only K-pop act that has entered the Canadian Billboard album chart (with Wings in 2016)
  • Their Wings Album in 2016 gave BTS their second number 1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart, which is also a first for K-pop
  • As of 2017, BTS is the first K-pop act to have FOUR albums on the Billboard Top 200 including the albums The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2 (2015), The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever (2016), Wings (2016) and You Never Walk Alone (2017)
  • Only K-pop group to achieve a total of 4 BILLION views on YouTube
  • BTS is the first K-pop group to make it into the Billboard Social 50 list (and have been on the chart for 27-28 weeks!)
  • The first K-pop group to win a Daesang at MAMA and not be from the Big 3 Companies (SM, YG and JYP)
  • First K-pop group to perform their song “DNA” at the American Music Awards
  • The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart teamed up with the BTS rappers for a new single titled “Best of Me”
  • One of their singles, “Mic Drop” was remixed by Steve Aoki and features a verse from rapper Desiigner.


From the list of achievements, it makes me so proud to be an ARMY. Seeing them achieve their goals and be very humble about their upbringing, it’s amazing and really inspires others to go on and achieve their own dreams in life. For the ARMY’s who supported them since debut, for them to receive all the awards, it is an amazing moment.

Besides of achieving all these records, BTS gives back to the community by being involved in the Love Myself campaign from UNICEF. This campaign is based around making the world a safer place so that children and teenagers will be able to live happy and healthy lives without living with the fear of violence. BTS is group who wants give back to all their fans and improve the lives of others.

Just the facts: Social media edition

If you have not followed them yet, here’s all their official social media accounts:

Final Thoughts

2018 will be such a great year for BTS. They are going to build upon their success in 2017. The upcoming year presents BTS with an opportunity to continue to work on their music and release more albums for their ARMY’s. I will be supporting them all the way and I hope all the best for them to achieve much more in 2018.

Until next time have a great month and watch out for my next article in which I will continue to write my album reviews. Hopefully, 2018 will be a great year for new rookie groups and older groups to release their music. xx

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