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Before I came to South Korea I made my fair share of research about the country, from learning about the country through its entertainment industry from various websites like ATK Magazine, Wikipedia, and Google. YouTube also had its influence on my knowledge about Korea. As it is more enjoyable to watch a video then to read a lot of text to get information, YouTube was my go-to for practical survival skills for Korea.

These YouTubers helped me tremendously as many of them had covered topics like:

  • “what to do when arriving at the airport”
  • “what not to do when at the airport; like taking an airport taxi”
  • “how to navigate the subway and bus system”
  • “how to order food using apps”
  • and so much more.

Just of a few of the YouTubers that helped me so much were “We Fancy”, “Megan Bowen”, “Lala”, and “WhitneyBaeIRL”. As many people would be moving to Korea for a teaching job, most YouTubers mainly touched on topics relating to that, however, these YouTubers branched out and talked about generalized information that everyone should have regardless of one’s reason for coming to Korea.

Megan and I

I was fortunate enough to meet one of these YouTubers that helped me so much at an event called “I SEOUL U”. As the name pertains, it was an event held in Seoul (서울) at the Culture Reservatory in Mapo. The name “I SEOUL U” is the slogan used for events that promote the city of Seoul to foreigners and locals alike, therefore I made the trip from Daegu (대구) to Seoul for a day trip by bus which took about four hours. One of the events scheduled for the day was a fan meeting with Megan Bowen, so I was able to meet her for about two minutes and take a few pictures before moving on as there were many more people waiting, not saying that I wanted more but from what I got, she was a just like she is in her videos; genuine and nice. I would be lying if I said the only reason I came all the way to Seoul was for her, actually what really made me want to attend the event was that the K-pop group KARD. They would be performing and as I hadn’t seen a single K-pop music performance since I got here, I thought this would be the best chance; plus it was free to attend.

Shin Root

As I had heard before that KARD was not as good live, I was a bit skeptical about their performance. However, their opening acts were very strong, in fact, I even became a fan of the adorable group Seen Root. A Korean indie band with leading vocalists, which were the lively and adorable couple of Shin Hyeon Hee (신현희) and Kim Root (김루트). They were able to engage the audience in their performance as much as possible, catering to all members of their audience by trying to speak as many languages as possible to make everyone feel included. I can now proudly say that they had a much larger stage presence then KARD did and I hope the best for their future success.

Courtesy of K Beat Team

KARD themselves did an okay job, but honestly B.M put more effort into his performance then the others. Although this may be bias talking but the other members seemed like they just performed because they had to, while it seemed B.M truly enjoyed being on stage. I could be reading too much into this, or maybe it was because they had just returned from their European tour so they were exhausted. Nevertheless, KARD was worth seeing.

Nick and Sammy

A bit after the performance many fans tried to take pictures with the group, and I had no motivation to try to attempt to get one as well so instead I left early and headed to another location that was also having an event at City Hall. There were other artists performing, however they weren’t well-known groups but rather fairly new ones. One group that I was advised to check out was the newly debuted duo of Nick and Sammy, a new group with a new sound, and with the right promotions I truly believe they could become very successful as I think non-typical K-pop groups are now having better growth in the Korean music industry.

Anyways that was my day trip to Seoul. I made it back to Daegu in time for my dorm curfew and I had a very fulfilling day. I look forward to my next day trip in Korea. Spoiler, it wasn’t the best, but that’s a story for another time. Till next time.

Anna Falls.

Just the facts: YouTubers

Here are but a few helpful videos that I found by YouTubers that helped me a lot.

We Fancy:  Airport Guide

Megan Bowen: Tips for traveling to Korea

WhitneyBaeIRL: Places to visit in Korea

LALA: Things they don’t tell you about Korea

Kennie J.D: Free sites for learning Korean

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