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After a period of solo and sub-unit activities, finally, GOT7 is back. I am excited to listen to their new album as I have been a fan of GOT7 since when they debuted in 2014. They were my first band I liked since their debut.

With the arrival of autumn, GOT7 has made a comeback with an introspective album that stirs listener’s emotions. GOT7’s seventh EP album is called 7 for 7, which is a perfect listen for a nice autumn walk under the sky. This album is has a different feel to the other albums as the tracks are more mellow. The meaning of 7 for 7 is that the EP includes seven songs, which have been co-written at least by one member. GOT7 has come a long way since they debuted. Will this album be as successful as their previous albums?

Album Review

Track 1 – “Moon U”

Regarding the title “Moon U” I feel that the members describe the person they like using the moon as a metaphor. “Moon U” is a smooth pop tune, with some cool synthetic beats. This song was written and composed by Youngjae, which showcases his skill as a songwriter. The music that he writes has a R&B feel that is similar, yet very different to JB’s and Yugyeom’s music. I really like this song as it has a groovy beat. It makes it easy to jam along to. The chorus has a good hook and easy to sing along with it.

Track 2 – “Teenager”

This song is livelier and more hip-hop oriented. It has a great jam. This track was written by BamBam and JB. “Teenager” is a song is about those intense, giddy emotions you feel when you fall for someone you like. The song started out as quite hot and steamy and then turn into a catchy, fun hip-hop jam. This song gets immediately stuck in your head and makes you want to bop along to it. I can’t get enough of this song and I am listening to it on repeat. The singing from the members is great, but when BamBam comes in with his rap, it brings a bit of swag to the song. There is something quirky and melodic about that part of the song. It makes the song great.

Track 3 -“You Are”

“You Are” is the title song of this album. This track is written and composed by JB. This song has percussive rhythms throughout the song, which is blended with the member’s vocals, bringing the listeners close to an imaginary universe. When I first heard this song, I didn’t really like it, but after listening to it a few times, the song grew on me and I really enjoyed it. The chorus was the highlight of the song and it’s very catchy. It’s quite refreshing and very different to their previous title tracks. In terms of previous GOT7 tracks, they have been pretty consistent in terms of their tempo, however, “You Are” is a much slower tempo song. It was great that the song had a rap line which gave the song an extra favour, making it more exciting to listen to. This song really showcased Youngjae’s vocals and it was incredible.

Track 4 -“Firework”

This song is the closest track we get to a ballad on this album. The track is quite soothing, however it lacks any rap parts. This is a song that Jinyoung worked on. The way he composes music is really exceptional. Overall, I really enjoy the melody and chorus of this song. The ad-lib “Say hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo” that Jinyoung sings sounds really good and fits the theme of the song. This track is where all members of the group take part in singing. I can say that all the members can sing really well and it brings a different feel to the song.

Track 5 -“Remember You”

This track is written by BamBam and I am impressed the way he has written this track. Along with being a good rapper, the effort he has put in to better understand his Korean really shows in this track. This track has a deep meaning as the written style of GOT7 is that they like to write sad songs about the regret after a failed relationship. This song fits into that theme. It is a different type of song to “Firework” as it actually has rap parts. With Bambam singing on this track, it really showcase his vocals and it’s very smooth. I suggest that Bambam should take the opportunity to sing on other tracks.

Track 6 – “내게 (To Me)”

The lyrics were written by Yugyeom, showcasing him as a very good songwriter. After looking up the English translation of the lyrics, the song is a misunderstanding between two people, which leads to a break-up of their friendship. It was quite difficult to understand what this track was about. This track is one of those tracks I find myself grooving to by the time it reaches the chorus. During the showcase, Yugyeom did mention that the song has a Latin influence and I can hear that breakdown in the chorus. Overall, I did like the song but it’s not my favourite song of the album. It would be better if I could understand what the meaning of the lyrics really means so I can be able to follow along.

Track 7 – “Face”

This is the final song of the album. The base of the song is that members beg their partners to come back to and apologise for neglecting them in the first place. I don’t think this song has a wow factor to it compared to other songs on the album. It’s not a bad song and I appreciate the experimentation from GOT7. It’s great to hear a different arrangement of the song. I do feel this song is where there is vocal variation from Jaebeom and Youngjae. They don’t soar vocally, which I expected on this type of song. Overall, it’s okay for the last song. I don’t dislike it but I felt all the other songs on the album were much better.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this album has shown GOT7 continues to grow as artists and it has given them experience in writing, composing and producing their own songs. I feel that in this album, GOT7 has dialed back in terms of tempo and style and really focused on their lyric writing skills. This has allowed more emphasis on the vocals and they managed to show this time around. Throughout the album, I feel that each member managed to hold their own solos and the harmonies. It sounds like a fuller group and the songs do not need to depend on the rap lines to bring energy to the slower tracks. In the end, the album seems like about the growth of the group as a unit and it really shows how well they work well together. I would say that this is not my favourite album but I can see potential in the direction they want to go in for the future. I am interested in seeing where they go from here for their next comeback.

Just the facts: Social media edition

What GOT7 has already achieved from when they first debuted has been amazing. They need to have more support in order to become more successful. Please follow GOT7 on their social media accounts above. Until next time have a great month and watch out for my next article.

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