Korea on the Brain: Zandari Festa 2017 – Day 2

The second day of Zandari Festa was just as eventful as the day before, with just as many artists appearing. There was also a late night event called “French on the Rocks” which would take place after the last show at 10:30pm by a variety of performers from France. Although I personally wasn’t able to attend it due to personal reasons, I was able to see the same performers during their usual sets as part of the regular shows. Another disappointment I had that night was that my camera malfunctioned and most of the footage shot that night is all gone, so there won’t be as many photos as there were in the first and third day of this event. Nonetheless, it was still an amazing night and I hope you agree by the end of this article.

September 30th

Vera Jonas Experiment

Thus, my first performance of the night was by Vera Jonas Experiment, a four member band from Hungary. The vocalist, Vera Jonas, put a lot of effort into her performance which in turn boosted the crowd’s energy and I found that very engaging. Performing until the very last minute of their set, I truly enjoyed their show. Definitely check them out as they are truly worth a listen.

The Barberettes

The next group is what I would consider a fan favourite, as they had quite a large audience compared to most of the performances I had seen during the festival. The Barberettes are a Korean retro doo-wop trio, their name alone gave me that impression and they did not disappoint as they sing in perfect harmony. They have also had tours around the world and put all their effort into a performance as it was apparent during this one and their other performance during the after party. I also enjoyed their outfits as they were colour coordinated but done in a way that looked classy. Their music alone should speak for itself, and I encourage anyone who likes or feels like they need a little retro in their life to take a look at The Barberettes.

Unfortunately as I stated earlier my photos and videos after this performance have been lost as my camera was not saving any footage I took. However that will not drastically affect the way the rest of the article will be. Anyways, the next performer I saw was the soloist Dakooka, from Ukraine. As a singer-songwriter, DJ and pianist, she composes her own music and during her performance, she kept the audience engaged with her songs and covers. The next band I will be talking about is Floating Island, a Korean electronic pop band that leaves its audience feeling breathless. The vocalist, Isle, is someone I can listen to without ever being tired of her voice, and they’re a group that everyone should check out.

Later in the night, after all the scheduled performances, there was an event called “French on the Rocks” taking place in the MUV Hall. Taking the stage were French artists like Vaudou Game, Sax Machine, Matmatah, and The Dizzy Brains. Needless to say, it was an amazing party. As the second day of Zandari Festa came to an end, I could tell that the third and final day would go out with a bang.

’till next time,

Anna Falls

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Below is the links to the Zandari Festa playlists of the international artists and the Korean artists.


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