Exciting Winter Games Project by Korean Indie Musicians

A couple of days ago I saw a Facebook post about a cool new project a group of Korean indie bands and musicians started. Eight bands & artists have got together to produce a Pyeongchang city tribute album in time for the 2018 winter games. That’s right, one album with songs from eight different musicians/bands. And since I already listen to more than half of them, I immediately clicked the link to check it out. It’s an independent project so they are currently fundraising for it by taking pre-orders – in both Korea on their official fundraising page (in Korean) or by PayPal for those not in Korea (see the end of the article for more details).

Since it’s a project I wanted to make sure you know about, I did a little quick research on the artists involved (a few of whom are new to me) so we could share all the info with you. Just a quick listen to the teaser video below shows the talent of the musicians and will hopefully whet your appetite for their project. Don’t forget to support it by pre-ordering the album if their music moves you. I know I did.

Mini interview with Annie Ko from Love X Stereo

To get a better feel for the project – because it sounds like a fabulous idea, I can’t wait for the album – I reached out to Annie Ko, lead singer of Love X Stereo (one of the bands involved) to get a little more info about the project. Keep reading to find out what she had to say.

Can you tell us about “Winter Dreams: 꿈 속의 평창”?

Annie: The idea is to create a special tribute album for next year’s winter games held in Pyeongchang city. It’s special because this is not your typical “sports” themed compilation. The eight artists that are participating all have a sense of dreaminess in their music. That’s why we named it “Winter Dreams: 꿈 속의 평창 (Pyeongchang in dreams).”

What was the inspiration for it?

Annie: The winter games will be happening in Korea next year, and we wanted to do something fun and meaningful. As a indie musician, it’s not always easy to be merry and happy because life can really get you.

But projects like this could be very motivating and inspiring to us, and the fact that it’s a one-of-a-kind, sports-related, dreamy indie/synthpop/electronic-style compilation, which is unheard of, I think that’s why many of our friends decided to hop on.

There are eight bands contributing to the project, will they each contribute a song? Will there be any collaborations between the bands?

Annie: Each band will contribute at least one song. Collabs? Maybe?

Who are the bands?

Okay, now that I’ve hopefully grabbed your attention about the project, let’s introduce the artists involved. For each, I’ve included the music video featured in their fundraising page, as well as the social media links I could find so you can like/follow them.

Land Of Peace (랜드오브피스)

Love X Stereo (러브엑스테레오)

Rock ‘N Roll Radio (로큰롤라디오)

Beautiful Jin (뷰리플진)

AKUA (아쿠아)

WYM (윔)

JVNR (주너)

HEO (해오)

Just the facts

How to pre-order “Winter Dreams: 꿈 속의 평창”?

  • If you’re in Korea, pre-order the album via their crowdfunding page.
  • If you’re not in Korea, pre-order the album via their PayPal account by sending $25 US to lovexstereo@gmail.com, and they’ll have the CD out to you by February 2018.
  • The deadline for the pre-order is December 9th.

Final Thoughts

I always like when bands/musicians that I listen to come out with new music but the idea of a compilation album with several bands I like is intriguing, especially when it’s themed around the upcoming 2018 winter games. So check out the musicians involved if you’re not already familiar with them. It’s an interesting project and I can’t wait to hear the final product.

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