K-pop Artist of the Month: Golden Child (골든차일드)

I want to introduce to you a new rookie band called Golden Child (골든차일드). They are the second boyband to debut under the Woollim Entertainment label. It has been seven (7) years since the well-known group INFINITE debuted in 2010. The name Golden Child is said to mean a person who exceeds in many traits. The use of golden in the name suggests the members are extremely talented and versatile. Also, their name is meant to say that the members are born once in 100 years, and will lead the music industry for the next 100 years. This band has 11 members and one fun fact is that this group has INFINITE member SungYeol’s younger brother DaeYeol. With so many members for a rookie group, will their debut 1st mini album Gol-Cha be a success?

Album Review

Track 1 – “Gol-Cha~!”

This is an intro track. It has the same title as the album. It’s a short length track which is a perfect intro for the album. It is a simple instrumental piece which is full of dignity and mystery. This song sounds like it’s something from a video game, but it has elements of piano sounds and a retro instrumental feel as well. It has a good beat to dance to, however, I don’t think it fits with the rest of the songs on the album.

Track 2 “DamDadi (담다디)”

This is Golden Child’s debut track. I actually really like this track as it gives off a summer feel. It is loud and frenetic compared to their intro track. I assume that Golden Child would use a cute concept for their debut song however, they surprised me by choosing a different route. The track is very bright and it’s quite an energetic song. The hook part of “DamDadi” is very catchy and can make you easily sing along. The vocals are on point by all members. Even the rapping was great and really every member did very well in contributing to making this song their own.

Track 3 “With Me (나랑해)”

This song is very energetic. You have different types of instruments playing. You have the piano beat and the sounds of the horns making it an explosive chorus, I find myself nodding along with the beat.  I feel that the track seemed to focus on more having a catchy beat as the background music seems like to stand out more than the lyrics. This song is sweeter than the melody of “DamDadi”. This track has a very catchy hook, along with the smooth voices of the members, it will drag you into the song. The sounds of the track are very retro-influenced, which is something very different to what other K-pop groups do. I feel that all the members pull off this concept very well.

Track 4 – “What Happened? (내 눈을 의심해)”

This is my favourite song out of the whole album. This song is a little slower, however, it has a club banger feel to it. I can imagine this song being played in all the clubs in Korea. The instrumental is amazing. It seems like Golden Child’s concept of this album has been inspired by retro with modern elements. I really enjoyed the chorus as it’s very catchy with a stomping beat, which is nice and it has a powerful feel to it. The bridge is amazing to listen to. The rap seemed fresher compared to other tracks on the album. Overall it’s an awesome song which you will enjoy listening to it.

Track 5 – “I Love You So (네가 너무 좋아)”

This song is more a traditional pop song and has a slower beat than the other songs on the album. I feel like it’s expressing romance within the lyrics. During the chorus, the singing was in a higher tone which caused a contrast with the rapping in the second verse. This track is not as catchy compared to the other tracks in album, however, it gives it more individuality through the sense of meaningful lyrics. It’s a reminder that everyone on Golden Child can sing. The song is okay but it’s not my favourite song from the album as it’s quite forgettable.

Track 6 – “Sea”

This song is very positive and has the upbeat vibes of the earlier tracks of the album. I feel this could have been the title track. The song starts out with a flute and then ends up in synth heaven. I really like the techno effects that really fit the tune well. The song has a different sound as the melody changes. It makes the song stand out from other songs. The instrumentals of the song make it have a strong feeling of summer, freedom and happiness.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this album does a good job in showcasing the colours of Golden Child. They are a new rookie group, with high expectations and I feel they are different to INFINITE. Golden Child is a group with many members and they are very talented and bright. I hope for their next album, they will be able to contribute in writing their own songs.

Just the facts: Social media edition

Here’s Golden Child’s social media accounts:

Please follow the rookie group on the social media accounts mention above. I am so happy with their debut and hopefully, they can be successful as their sunbae’s INFINITE. Until next time, have a great month and watch out for my next article.

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