KCON 2017 LA: Photos From Saturday Night’s Red Carpet

It’s been almost a month since KCON 2017 LA presented by Toyota wrapped up and though the excitement surrounding the event may have died down a bit, there are still many of us who wish we could go back to that one, magical weekend. While time-travel may not be possible, having a chance to re-live some of the most exciting moment might be. To make it a little easier for those who wish to reminisce (or to give those who weren’t able to attend a chance to see what all the excitement is really all about) I’ve put together a collection of photos from Saturday night’s Red Carpet Event.


It’s no secret that I love SF9, so having the chance to see them twice in a single year, was pretty much the best thing ever. The first to walk the Red Carpet on Saturday night, the boys of SF9 were as charming and adorable as ever. Their smiles and waves were met with wild cheers from Fantasies in the room and I could have easily been one of them, had I not been on my most perfect “professional” behavior.


Cosmic Girls were the next to walk the Red Carpet and I swear, they are the most adorable groups of girls you could ever wish to see. All smiles and cuteness, they won the hearts of everyone in the room, myself included!


My biggest (internal) fangirl moment of the night came with the appearance of Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk. Having last seen this pair at KCON two years ago, I found myself getting all sorts of excited as they walked the Red Carpet. I think it was knowing that the last time I saw them, they were on the brink of their military enlistment and now, here they were, back and more wonderful than ever. It was certainly one of my more emotional moments of the weekend. At least I wasn’t the only one in the room happy to see these two together again.


Being the drama addict that I am, having the chance to see Girls’ Day in person was a huge moment for me. Not just because I love these girls as K-pop artists, but because getting to see Hyeri and Minha in person was just as amazing as seeing Park Bo Young at KCON NY last year. Of course, Yura and Sojin have had their fair share of dramas as well, which is why this quartet’s time on the Red Carpet made my inner fangirl happy on so many levels!


Happy fangirl that I was, my level of joy only increased as VIXX sauntered across the Red Carpet. Having held the honor of being my ultimate bias group for many years, I was more than a little happy to see these six dashing boys once again. With Ken proving for the zillionth time that he really is the King of Aegyo and Hyuk proving all my theories as to why the maknae is almost the most lethal, VIXX’s time on the Red Carpet was a KCON moment Starlights (myself included) won’t soon forget.


Seventeen was the last to walk the Red Carpet that Saturday night and the cheers that rang through that halls, as these boys took the stage, was almost deafening. Carats young and old, squealed and screamed, cheered and cried, as these incredibly talented boys greeted their fans. Being something of a Carat myself, I was more than a little elated to see these boys again and having them stand not three feet in front of me, certainly didn’t do my already wildly beating heart any favors. Needless to say, I wasn’t the only one feeling slightly giddy by the time Seventeen said goodbye to their fans.

Needless to say, Saturday night’s Red Carpet event was one I’ll never forget and though I may not have the ability to travel back to that magical moment, I at least have enough photographs to help me remember what it was like, being there. Hopefully these photos will help bring back some happy memories of your own.

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