KCON 2017 LA: Sunday’s Concert and Memories to Last a Lifetime

After letting my inner fangirl run a bit wild during my recap of the Saturday night concert at KCON 2017 LA, presented by Toyota, I suppose I ought to try to reign her in a bit for this recap of Sunday night’s concert. The only problem is, I had just as much fun during this second concert as I did during the first, which means my inner fangirl came out in full force. (I know, that’s so very hard to imagine!) With such an emotional side of me running things during Sunday night’s concert, I’m not sure exactly how much reigning in there will be in this next recap…

I suppose on the bright side of things, I can start this off with the assurance that I didn’t burst into tears the second Sunday night’s concert began. Nope! I actually made it through most of the evening’s opening act before I burst into tears! (Such progress, I know!) Actually, I might have made it through all of K.A.R.D’s opening set, without crying, if BM hadn’t paused between songs to invite us all to sing “Happy Birthday” to Somin. Gah! I’m such a sap! I swear! The second we all started singing, Somin started crying and me, being the overly-emotional person that I am, just couldn’t stop myself from crying right along with her.

Sappy moment aside, K.A.R.D’s opening to Sunday night’s concert got things started off right. With a 3-song set that included “Don’t Recall,” “Hola Hola” and “Oh NaNa,” it was impossible for anyone in the crowd to stay in their seat. The energy given off by this co-ed quartet set the perfect tone for the rest of the evening and honestly, I was ready to keep K.A.R.D on-stage for the rest of the night. However, with so many other artists waiting to perform (some of which I love far more than I should probably ever admit) I made peace with their set ending and attempted to prepare myself for whatever KCON had lined up next.

Photo Courtesy of CJ E&M

Of course all my attempting to calm myself that night could be considered nothing less than pathetic. However, I did at least calm myself enough to actually be able to enjoy Oh My Girl’s set without falling apart too much. Being special guests at KCON this year, this super adorable and energetic group of girls only performed two songs Sunday night. However, “Coloring Book” and “Closer” were the perfect pair to showcase the many talents of the group and again, the crowd was unable to stay in their seats during this short, but oh-so-entertaining, set.

Heize was next to take the stage and I swear, I had goosebumps all over me as I listened to her perform “Don’t Know You.” After giving all of us chills, with her incredible vocal prowess, we as the audience had the chance to return the favor, in a moment that I’m sure neither any of us in attendance nor Heize herself, will ever forget.

Photo Courtesy of CJ E&M

Just as we’d been instructed to turn on our cell phone flashlights the previous night, the jumbotron once again displayed a message asking us to do the same, as Heize prepared for her second song of the evening. As this vocal goddess began to perform “Star,” the entire arena was illuminated by the twinkle of tens of thousands of tiny lights. Moved to tears by such a sight, Heize ended her short set overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude as we, the audience, cheered her on. To call this moment incredible doesn’t really seem to do it justice. It was an emotional moment for us all and like I said, I don’t think any who experienced this moment in person, will ever be able to forget that flood of emotion that seemed to overtake us all.

Photo Courtesy of CJ E&M

With so many emotions coming into play, all at once, it was a little bit difficult for me not to get a bit carried away in the next act of the evening. Okay, let’s be honest. I would have gotten carried away even if I hadn’t just witnessed one of the most beautiful moments in KCON history. After all, WANNA ONE was up next and the second they started in on “Energetic,” I kind of lost it. I don’t know if it’s because I know this group isn’t going to be round for much more than a year, or if it’s just because I was an emotional mess by this point, but I let my inner fangirl have all the fun she wanted during this short performance. Needless to say, I didn’t fare much better when they moved into “Burn it Up.”

On the brink of becoming a total emotional basket case, I foolishly thought that perhaps the next set would be one in which I could calm myself a bit. However, that was not the case. Why? Because KCON decided that having ASTRO and Kim Tae Woo perform g.o.d.’s “One Candle” was most appropriate at that moment. I suppose for some, this special stage may have been a moment for calming oneself, but not for this Zombie! Oh heck no! As soon as ASTRO appeared, I lost all ability to keep myself calm and quite honestly, that failed to return the rest of the evening. After ASTRO departed, Kim Tae Woo went on to perform his own hits, “Love Rain” and “Following” and by that point, I was just gone.

In my most blissful of happy fangirl places, I danced and sang my way through Kim Tae Woo’s set. Completely unaware that I was about to have my heart ripped from my chest. However, that’s exactly what happened the second JJ Project took the stage. OH. MY. WORD. Talk about being smacked upside the head by an overwhelming rush of feels! Holy cats!

Thinking back on it all, I know I shouldn’t have been so surprised by the sudden appearance of one of my most beloved duos. I mean I knew GOT7 was part of the evening’s lineup. I knew that JJ Project had just released a new EP, which after 5 years of waiting, was enough of an emotional punch of the face, all on its own! I’m sure that had I been in a more rational state of mind, I would have expected this performance at sometime during the evening’s lineup but after singing, dancing and crying my way through 5 different sets already, I was in no way prepared for the tidal wave of emotions that hit me when JJ Project came up out of that stage floor. I kid you not, I ugly sobbed my way through their entire performance of “Tomorrow, Today.” It wasn’t pretty, at least not on my part, but JB and Jinyoung delivered a performance so beautiful, it literally took my breath away.

Sunday night’s concert was one full of surprises, including WANNA ONE’s return to the stage to perform “Never” and “Pick Me.” To say that I was prepared for this would be a flat-out lie. After having just been sucker-punched in the throat by JJ Project’s surprise performance, I was in no way ready to handle the wave of Produce 101 feels that hit me at that particular moment. I don’t think I need to describe to you, how much of a mess I was, as I watched these 11 boys wow the crowd with their high-energy performance.

Photo Courtesy of CJ E&M

ASTRO was next to make a return appearance on-stage, this time to wow us all with a set that included some of my personal favorites, including, “Again,” “Breathless,” “Polaris,” and “Baby.” To say that I kept my cool as my six most favorite rays of sunshine appeared before me once again, would be such a huge lie, you’d never believe anything I ever wrote ever again. There was no keeping myself calm in this situation. None whatsoever. And honestly, I blame a lot of that on Rocky and his stupidly wonderful dancing. Seriously! Why ASTRO decided they needed to kill me with a choreo intro that left me breathless, is beyond me. But that’s what they did and once again, I was reduced to an utterly elated, albeit sobbing, mess of a fangirl. Of course the fact that they decided to leave the cutesie image they embraced during their appearance at KCON last year behind and go for a much more masculine image this year didn’t help much. I mean seriously! I already love these boys more than I should. Did they really have to go so far as to make me cry over how much they’ve grown in a year!?! (I swear, the pain of loving these baby groups is almost too much to bear sometimes!)

Even so, I loved every second of ASTRO’s time on-stage and I’m sure I ruined my friend’s fancams in the process. (So sorry!) However, my moments of fangirl silliness were far from over because NCT 127 was next to take the stage and yeah… I honestly don’t know how anyone could keep their cool as they watched NCT 127 perform “Firetruck,” “Limitless” and “Cherry Bomb.” I mean, I’d seen this performance in New York just a handful of weeks prior and I still fell completely to pieces. Granted, I’m a bit of an emotional fangirl, but still! The choreo of NCT 127 is enough to get anyone’s heart pounding and the music itself demands that you get up and dance, even if you aren’t all that familiar with the group. Singing and dancing my way through this set was so much fun, I found myself wishing (for about the zillionth time) that they could stay on-stage longer.

Alas, my wish would never come true! However, having GOT7 take the stage immediately after was something I was so very, very okay with! Even if I did have a freaking heart attack the second the group’s maknae, Yugyeom, came up out of the floor dancing. (A word to the wise: NEVER FALL FOR THE DANG MAKNAE! Words I can never seem to live by myself… Proof I’m hopeless, I suppose…) I had to struggle to pull myself up off the floor after such a vicious attack by my bias but I somehow managed. Sadly, being upright didn’t keep me from falling completely to pieces as GOT7 performed “Never Ever,” “Hard Carry” and “Everyday.” For this rather pathetic fangirl, having GOT7 close out the evening was almost too much to handle. However, it ensured that this concert would be forever engrained in my memory as one of the most fun, most incredible concerts in all of my KCON experiences.

Photo Courtesy of CJ E&M

As GOT7 wrapped up their set, I couldn’t help but burst into tears. Not so much because I was sad their set was over, but because with the end of the concert came the end of my entire KCON 2017 LA experience. As the artists of the evening all returned to the stage for their final farewell, my heart became too overwhelmed as a million different memories, not just of the concert, but of the entire weekend came flooding back to me. Returning the waves of the artists as they crossed the stage in front of me, I felt my heart both swell with joy and break in sadness as the time to say goodbye had inevitably come; my only consolation found in knowing that I would take back home with me memories to last a lifetime.

Were you at KCON LA this year? Who made your fangirl or fanboy jump for joy?

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