KCON 2017 NY: Saturday Night’s Red Carpet

When it comes to providing fans with a chance to experience a truly unforgettable moment, with some of K-pop’s most beloved idols, KCON USA presented by Toyota never fails to disappoint. From fan engagements to concerts, special appearance at sponsor booths to red carpet events, KCON brings idols and fans together in ways many could never even imagine, let alone be able to experience anywhere outside of a dream. That’s why being able to attend Saturday night’s Red Carpet was so special. Not only did I get to be a part of something truly incredible, but I got to share that moment with hundreds of others, all overjoyed at the chance to see so many of their favorite artists up close and personal. And that’s what made the whole evening unforgettable.


JYP Entertainment’s newest and universally loved girl group, TWICE, was first to walk the Red Carpet Saturday night and oh my goodness! Let me just say, these girls have an incredibly enthusiastic fanbase! Listening to the crowd roar as these girls took the stage was so much fun! Of course watching the girls respond to all that love was equally fun. Their smiles and waves assured the crowd that they were just as happy to be in New York as their fans were happy to have them there.


UP10TION was next to strut their stuff on the Red Carpet and all I have to say is, these boys certainly know how to ruin a person’s bias list! Charming and dashing, with just enough silliness to melt your heart and make you smile, these boys certainly knew how to work the crowd both on the Red Carpet and on the concert stage. Naturally, their fans loved them from the start but I can guarantee you these boys won over more than a few hearts that day.

NCT 127

Speaking of charmers… I can’t even begin to describe to you what it’s like to see NCT 127 up close. Yes, I am biased here. There’s no use in even trying to deny that. I fell in love with this group the second NCT U released “The 7th Sense” and I’ve loved every incarnation of NCT since. (And yes, that includes NCT Dream. My littles and I love singing “Chewing Gum” together as we dance around the house in our pjs and slippers.) That being said, watching NCT 127 on the Red Carpet Saturday Night was definitely a moment I won’t soon forget.


CNBLUE closed out the evening’s event Saturday night and I’m not even going to try to convince you that I wasn’t excited because this was flipping CNBLUE! The very band responsible, not only for my undying love of K-pop, but also my unhealthy addiction to K-dramas. Yong Hwa was the bunny I followed down the rabbit hole that led me to this whole Hallyu Wonderland, so to see him, Jungshin, Jonghyun and Minhyuk all standing on stage, right in front of me, looking as perfect as always, was just… Well, it was almost too much for one poor fangirl to handle! Needless to say, the entire Red Carpet event was full of unforgettable moments and I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say they plan to cherish those memories for a lifetime.

Which group were you the most excited to see on the Red Carpet? Which group would you like to see on a Red Carpet in the future? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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