Concert Review: G2 and Reddy entertain during their Toronto show

It’s no surprise that I love live music, I’ve talked about it numerous times, but every once in a while, a show blows me away. Not because of the pageantry or the special effects, but simply because how much fun the show was and how entertaining the performers were. That’s what happened at the recent G2 and Reddy show here in Toronto, hosted by CBM Press Toronto.

Oh, I was expecting to enjoy it as I like both of their music but the show was flat out amazing. So incredibly engaging and funny and that’s on top of the great music. Their performances were on point, despite G2 being admittedly a little tipsy (although to be honest, that added to the show), so from a pure music standpoint it was a great show, but it was the interactions with the crowd and their joy in performing that truly elevated the show. Between the giggles that G2 elicited (who grew up in Texas and spoke mostly English to the audience), the constant smiles from Reddy, and how well they both interacted with the audience; it was one of those shows that puts a smile on your face long after you leave the venue.

And I really haven’t really spoken about the music yet.

The Opening Act – Meek Lemire

Meek Lemire opening the show

The show opened with a performance by Toronto-based hip hop artist, Meek Lemire, who put on a solid set along with another performer (whose name I unfortunately didn’t catch).

G2 and Reddy

G2 has such a distinctive voice

Then it was time for the main show and you could almost feel the audience’s excitement when G2 stepped onto the stage. While I loved his set and humour on stage, the element that stuck with me the most was the wardrobe malfunction – sorry, it was so funny. G2, Reddy, and Camo Starr were all wearing orange jumpsuits but when G2 got hot under the lights and took it half off, tying it around his waist, it wouldn’t stay there and kept falling off (probably because he didn’t double knot it). Of course he had clothes on underneath but it was still funny. However, despite the near constant clothing issue, G2 never missed a beat in his performance. And it was a good one.

As his solo set drew to a close, Reddy joined him on stage for a couple of songs before his solo set. While they only performed a few songs together – two at this time and then again at the end of the show – their chemistry together was unmistakable, adding another element to the show.

Reddy was all smiles and passion

Reddy was all smiles during his set and the crowd was eating it up. He has such a smooth voice and flow that within a few bars, you’re hooked. I liked his music beforehand, but live he brings such a positive energy that it’s just a joy to watch. I did feel a little bad about all the cell phone lights shining at him (it was a dark stage). But it didn’t seem to bother him as he played to the audience so well, and always with a big smile.

There may have been some drinking involved in the show, lol

Just the Facts: social media edition

Don’t forget you can stay up-to-date on G2 and Reddy via their social media pages. To check out their music videos, check out Hi-Lite Records’ YouTube.



The audience made sure that Reddy had a spotlight all through the set

Final Thoughts

The show, which was promoting both G2’s recent album, G2’s Life, and Reddy’s, Universe, was super fun and well-worth the price of admission. If you ever have the chance to see either hip hop artist, either together or solo, do it. They were both such a joy to watch, have great stage presence and of course, their music rocks. Speaking of which, you really should check out both albums (available on iTunes, Google Play and other places). I’ve been listening to both a lot since the show to relive the fun.

Did you get to see G2 & Reddy (at the Toronto show or one of the other North American stops of their tour)? What did you think? We’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Concert Review: G2 and Reddy entertain during their Toronto show

  • July 20, 2017 at 6:53 pm

    I saw them, and as with the Toronto Illionaire show from 2015 I was struck by how the rappers so good at their craft… like… slightly taken aback at how good they were at rapping. To be honest I wish G2 hadn’t been AS tipsy (he was saying during the VIP meet and greet that he can’t live without beer) but he still didn’t miss his lines and hearing his voice in person was kind of worth it. It’s kind of an intense voice. It was good to see Reddy enjoying himself and saying Let’s have lots of fun tonight. I liked his many transitions in between songs… he would ask the audience “do you really think so?” and then he would introduce his song “Think” (생각해), for example. He was a good performer.

    I’m not sure if you were there for it, but there was a second encore! (I can’t remember which songs they re-performed, there were 2 or 3). And even after that some people stuck around the venue and Reddy came out of the waiting room to sign CDs for people who bought them. Those who were around were frantically trying to catch photos with him, as expected, and he was super nice to everyone. Later G2 came out briefly as well, I think his family(?) members came by to visit? He was suuuper nice and polite. G2, Reddy and Camostarr left the venue in a swanky looking black cab and the few people remaining were chasing them for selfies even at that point, haha!

    • July 20, 2017 at 7:01 pm

      Oh, I missed the second encore and all that happened afterwards. Good to hear that they were both so nice to the fans. It fits what I saw of them onstage. Would definitely recommend their shows to anyone!

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