Korean Hip-Hop & RnB Corner – July

We are knee deep in summer! I hope everyone is enjoying the hot times this season is providing us. Lots of things have happened since we last met, like KCON NY and a few members of the ATK community were there speaking on panels and having a great time meeting new people and spreading the love of Korean music.

Were you at KCON NY? If you were please tell me your thoughts in the comments below. I wasn’t familiar with a lot of acts but I was super excited about Zion.T and NCT127. Zion.T was the only solo act and he was able to take the manic energy of night one, turn it into a sea of calming music and this ajummah into a sobbing mess. Those R&B feels were real. Night two with NCT127 was amazing. Their energy was high, the bass of Cherry Bomb was hard hitting and they officially have a fan in me.

Now it’s time to rest up and enjoy these few days of vacation before it’s time for more concerts, conventions and of course KCON LA. What concert are you looking forward to seeing? Read on to learn about out song of the month (it’s a classic) and which tour is coming to North America.

Song of the Month

I’m digging in the crates for this month’s song spotlight. That means I am going WAY back, but happily so. Verbal Jint is a rapper/producer under the Brand New Music label. He started out in the underground scene but has since crossed over to mainstream with hits like “You Deserve Better”, “You Look Good”, and “Walking In The Rain”. Verbal Jint was also on the first season of Show Me The Money. In 2011, Verbal Jint released a MV called “Gloomy Letters” where you can see him composing the music, writing the lyrics and singing. I chose this song because it’s so rare to see Verbal Jint singing and can I say, he did a great job at it. The vocals didn’t seem forced and the song, in general, is just a smooth song to listen to as you wind down from a long day. Take a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Concerts To See

photo credit: The Warfield

Monsta X

Monsta X will be performing their first tour in the United States this July. Tickets are still available in certain cities, so if you are a Monbebe or someone who enjoys listening to K-pop, grab a ticket before it’s too late!

photo credit: Live Nation


The month is finally here! G-Dragon, the leader of ultimate K-pop group BigBang, will be coming to North America for his solo tour. If you haven’t gotten a ticket, you’re in luck! None of the cities are sold out (though some of the VIP packages are).

KCON Los Angles

I know that KCON LA is still a month away but the tickets go on sale July 14th and we need to plan, right? As of right now, the artists that have been announced so far are NCT127, Astro, Cosmic Girls, Heize, Girl’s Day, Seventeen, Vixx, and SF9. [Editor’s note: K.A.R.D and Wanna One were recently announced as well.] Since my first love is hip-hop/RnB, I am really looking forward to seeing Heize perform. We talked about KCON NY last month but in case you were wondering if the ticket prices are different, they aren’t.

Which ticket are you planning on getting? Are you going to ball out of control and get the $1500 diamond tickets or play it safe and get P3 or below? Let me know in the comments!

photo credit: KCONUSA
photo credit: KCONUSA

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this month’s Korean Hip-Hop and R&B Corner. Did you learn something new? Find a concert you want to attend? Let us know in the comment section below! Also, make sure you follow ATK Magazine and me (@young_ajummah) on Twitter to stay up to date on all things Korean Hip-Hop and R&B. Thanks for checking us out and we’ll see you next month!

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