Peterpan Complex at Glastonbury Festival 2017

So, the UK isn’t really awash with K-pop tours, and the festival scene definitely isn’t. What it does give though is the opportunity to make new musical discoveries. With a week at Glastonbury Festival coming up and a mostly baffling list of performers I had never heard of, I decided to see if there were any Korean acts playing in a week that I would otherwise be away from my beloved K-music.

Peterpan Complex at Glastonbury Festival 2017

I found Peterpan Complex on the lineup, billed as Korean indie (but more accurately electronica these days) playing at the fairly low-key Pussy Parlour in the dance area of the festival. I YouTubed a couple of their MVs and decided they were worth checking out.

On arrival, a small crowd and the band themselves waited patiently as the sound guys seemed to be having some sort of technical difficulties. Despite the delay, the band were all smiles when they came back out on stage and it wasn’t long before lead singer Jun Ji Han had everyone bouncing to “봄 봄 봄 Spring” (not a cover of the Roy Kim song of the same name) including a couple of guys in Pikachu onesies! Ji Han sprang around in his own silver jumpsuit, getting the crowd going with his original dance ‘poses’.

The highlight for me was the band bringing out guest performer Fromm for a couple of tracks, including this year’s single “걷잡을 수 없는 Free Floating”. The overdubbed vocal samples mixed with Fromm’s delicate but strong voice made for an aural delight! Her beauty and stage presence also helped!

Peterpan Complex at Glastonbury Festival 2017

Before the end, Ji Han retook the mike for his version of their possibly most well-known track “Moist” (the main version features female singer  Yozoh). It certainly had the chorus lyrics ‘Chok chok, mollae mollae’ going around my head for the rest of the festival, competing with the onslaught of all the other music from every direction! Needless to say they made a fan of me and I downloaded a load of their songs when I got home. Definitely my festival hot tip!

Nic Phillips @nicphillips83

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