Who I Would Want To See At Zandari Festa

Image courtesy of Zandari Festa
Image courtesy of Zandari Festa

I know I’ve said it before but this is a festival I would love to attend. All those Korean bands in one place and in one of my favourite places in Korea – Hongdae – how could I not want to go? But I’m in Canada and Zandari Festa is in Korea and unfortunately a trip just wasn’t in the cards this year.

But if you’re in Korea, specifically if you’re in Seoul from Sep 30 – Oct 3, you should go! Seriously! Enjoy all the music because looking at the line up, there’s something for pretty much every musical taste. And while our musical tastes may not be the same, here’s who I would catch if I could make it to the festival.

How did I come up with my list?

For the most part, other than a couple of exceptions, I’d try to catch bands I haven’t seen before or at least haven’t seen recently. This is why Love X Stereo, The Barberettes and Victim Mentality aren’t on my list – because while I like them all, I’ve seen all three in the past year. Festivals are a great time to explore new music or have the chance to see bands you love but have never seen live.

So my recommendations are broken down into three categories:

  • Bands I’ve seen before, liked their music and own at least one CD (either physical or digital) but not seen recently
  • Bands I like and own at least one CD (either physical or digital) and have never seen
  • Bands who intrigue me and whom I’d love to see live

You’ll notice that the last category is the biggest. That’s because I spent a couple of afternoons listening to the different bands on the Zandari Festa line up and the ones on this list really caught my attention. Oh, some I’d have heard before but many are new-to-me.

Bands I’d love to see again


아시안체어샷 Asian Chairshot


Bands I like but have never seen live

해리빅버튼 HarryBigButton

페이션츠 PATiENTS 

루디스텔로 LudiSTELO 

아이러닉 휴 ironic HUE 

갤럭시익스프레스 Galaxy Express 

데드버튼즈 Dead Buttons 

웨이스티드쟈니스 Wasted Johnny’s


Bands I’m curious about and would love to see live

There’s nothing like live music, here are some of the bands I’d love to check out:

이상의날개 Wings of the ISANG 

줄리아드림 Julia Dream 

더 베거스 The Veggers 


블루파프리카 Bluepaprika 

왓에버댓민즈 …Whatever That Means

로만티카 Romantiqua 

더 모노톤즈 The Monotones 



제8극장 Theatre8

전국비둘기연합 National Pigeon Unity

버닝햅번 Burning Hepburn 

에고펑션에러 Ego Function Error

위헤이트제이에이치 we hate jh

루버스틱 Ruber Stick

Final Thoughts

Originally this was supposed to be a “top 10” list of bands I’d like to see at Zandari Festa but as much as I tried, I couldn’t edit the list down to just 10. It was hard enough getting it down to 25. There’s just so much great music to explore. So if you’re lucky enough to be in Seoul anytime between Sep 30 – Oct 3 go catch some fabulous live music at Zandari Festa! And make me jealous by dropping us a comment telling us all about the amazing time you had.

Just the facts: social media edition

As always, you can stay connected to the festival via their various social media channels.


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