KCON Interview: Love X Stereo

Photo credit: Maureen Ouch
Photo credit: Maureen Ouch

Mirella didn’t just catch the K-pop Night Out showcase at KCON, she was able to catch up with Annie and Toby from Love X Stereo and ask them a few questions. Keep reading to hear what they have to say!

All answers are by Annie Ko. Thanks Annie!

Courtesy of Mirella Nava
Courtesy of Mirella Nava

The Interview

You performed at KCON last weekend, how do you approach a crowd that is predominantly K-pop fans? Is there a difference to let’s say Culture Collide where there is a variation of an audience?

Annie: There is a difference for sure. K-pop fans usually know what they want to see and have a strong opinion about it. Fans we met in Culture Collide were more into various music from all over around the world. We like both J

They call it K-pop Night Out, but obviously none of the bands that performed are K-pop. Did you feel pressured to appeal to those fans?

Annie: Not at all. It’s just a name. And sometimes, that name helps. Besides, our fans already know where to find us. No pressure.

You released We Love, We Leave: Part 2 earlier this year, can you talk about what influenced your song writing on the EP?

Annie: Opposed to Part 1 – which is about ‘love’, Part 2 is more darker and deeper. It was mostly influenced by ‘death’ around us, and it’s about us finding our way dealing with death everyday.

Speaking of We Love, We Leave: Part 2, you offered the option of vinyl in your crowdfunding. What made you decide to offer it on vinyl?

Annie: It was for the fans. We believe our fans might’ve thought, it’s about damn time to release one of our albums in vinyl. We’re very satisfied with it. Sounds great, looks great, it’s a keeper. (It’s actually pretty special because it contains a super single that we never released before.)

Your crowdfunding, especially the international one, received a lot of support. How did you feel about reaching your goal, and the response of your international fans?

Annie: Very blessed. Thanks to our fans, we get to produce cool t-shirts and pins, and VINYL! Super awesome. Thank you all who made it happen!

Was there a country that had more orders than others? Did it help you locate your fanbases around the world?

Annie: Yes. We now know that we have fans in so many countries. We’re planning on a world tour at some point, so that data will help for sure J

How important is the support of pledges? What opportunities or doors did it open for Love X Stereo?

Annie: As an indie artist, all the problems we have are usually money-related. For us, the pledges mostly helped out our finances – for instance, without all the pledges, we might’ve never considered the vinyl option.

You’ve played in North America several times now, have your experiences performing internationally helped you grow as artists?

Annie: Yes. It helps us grow our mindset. Allows us to think big, and imagine big. Usually our songs come out of what we’re experiencing at that particular moment. So, we make better and more interesting songs, too.

I want to talk about Love X Studio. I’ve seen a few albums that I love come from your studio like The Monotones, The Essence, and recently MAAN. Can you talk about how Love X Studio started, what you do in Love X Studio?

Annie: Love X Studio is a humble recording studio for artists. It’s not much, but we have all the right gears, and we have all the right ears. Usually, in Korea, many artists are struggling with not only finances, but with technology as well. Even if the band has enough money to produce an album, it’s quite hard to find good engineers or producers (who are artists themselves) – chances are the band might not be 100% happy with the final outcome. We’ve been there, done that, we got all the gears, now we wanted to do something about. It was such a pleasure to work with all artists. We learn a lot. And get to listen to the hidden gems first, too!

Last question, what is your next project? What do you have planned?

Annie: Our super single (which mentioned earlier) will be released within August. And we’re expecting our very first LP this year. So stay tuned!

Courtesy of Mirella Nava
Courtesy of Mirella Nava

Just the facts: social media edition

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