KCON 2016 LA: Sunday Night’s Red Carpet


Sunday night’s Red Carpet event at KCON 2016 LA presented by Toyota was just as spectacular as Saturday’s had been. With new stars showing up every time you blinked, it was almost dizzying trying to keep up with them, but really, that’s the way a red carpet event should be.

Eric Nam

Eric Nam was the first to strut his stuff on the Red Carpet and I have to say, his bright red suit was quite an eye-catcher. While the stripes of his suit made my camera a little dizzy, his smile made my heart melt, as it always does. I’m so hopeless!


ASTRO was the next to walk the carpet and honestly, I had to work very hard to keep my fangirl self in check. They were just so darn cute, with their bright eyes and their big smiles, I just wanted to squeal and smile and shoot them little finger hearts along with the rest of the crowd. Instead, I reminded myself I had to keep up my professional appearance so I just took a ton of photos instead.


TWICE was up next and I have to say, these girls are lovely. I was a huge fan of their outfits and I found myself wondering where I could find such gems but then I remembered I’m a *ahem* something mom of 4 and as such, I would never be able to rock the outfits the way these girls did Sunday night. Dang it!


Davichi made quite a splash on Sunday night’s Red Carpet. This lovely duo was a crowd favorite, not only because they’re legends in the K-Pop world but also because they chose to go with a “see-through” concept for their outfits. Obviously they weren’t actually see-through but they still managed to garner some pretty enthusiastic cheers from the audience.


Speaking of enthusiastic cheers, those that came with the appearance of BTS were deafening! By far, the most popular group of the evening, BTS lit up the room with their brilliant smiles and oozing charisma. Yes, I had another fangirl moment as I watched them onstage and yes, I hid myself behind my camera to prevent myself from passing out. Again, I am hopeless.

Girls’ Generation – TTS

Girls’ Generation – TTS wrapped up Sunday’s Red Carpet event, their appearance drawing as many cheers as those garnered by BTS. The girls talked about Tiffany’s birthday and the 9th anniversary of Girls’ Generation, among other things.

As it’s designed to do, the Red Carpet had every member of the audience excited about the evening’s upcoming concert and yes, I was excited too. Of course I would have been more excited if Monsta X had made a Red Carpet appearance as well but it just wasn’t meant to be. Even so, I managed to grab quite a few photos from the evening’s Red Carpet event and now I get to share them with you. Woohoo!

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