KCON 2016 LA: Saturday Night’s Red Carpet

SHINee 1

The Red Carpet events at KCON are always one of the highlights for me and KCON 2016 LA presented by Toyota, didn’t disappoint. As some of the biggest names in Hallyu graced Saturday night’s Red Carpet, I found myself constantly reminding myself to just breathe as I attempted to capture these few brief magical moments in photos.

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho was the first to strut his stuff on Saturday night’s Red Carpet and that, in and of itself, was enough to make my knees wobble. After seeing him in person, I can officially say that no photo ever taken of Lee Min Ho will ever do him justice. To understand just how beautiful this man is, you have to see him in person.


DEAN was the next to walk the Red Carpet and honestly, I thought he was the most adorable little munchkin I’d ever seen. Of course that was before Saturday’s concert and well, after watching him perform live, my opinion of him has changed dramatically. I now know he’s actually lethal, with a smile so warm it could melt butter and a voice so sultry it could melt hearts.


I.O.I was up next and they really were the cutest group of girls you could possibly imagine. They were all so happy to be a part of KCON and so amazed that they had such a huge following here in the U.S. They were all smiles and waves and giggles which made them incredibly fun to watch.


Keeping the run of girl groups going, GFriend was next to walk the carpet and they looked amazing in their pretty little party dresses. So prim and demure, these girls greeted their fans with smiles and little waves, all while maintaining a very lady-like demeanor.


The very opposite of prim, Turbo lit up the stage with their charisma and charm. All smiles and laughter this trio made their time onstage feel more like a party than anything else. We were even treated to Kim Jung Nam’s dancing, which was incredible!


Keeping the party going, Amber was next in the evening’s lineup and she is seriously, the sweetest, most adorable llama you will ever see in your life. Her smile makes the entire world light up and her laughter is nothing short of infectious. Her time on the Red Carpet flew by but that could be because I was kind of having a serious fangirl moment…


And then SHINee showed up, to close out the evening’s Red Carpet event, and OH GRACIOUS! I thought I was ready to see these boys again; but I wasn’t. They were beautiful and charming and everything you could ever possibly imagine SHINee to be. I spent their entire time onstage reminding myself to breathe but you know what? It didn’t work very well. I’m just glad I didn’t pass out! It’s kinda hard to take photos when you’re unconscious.

With the disappearance of SHINee, the evening’s Red Carpet event came to a close. I have to admit, I was disappointed Block B didn’t make an appearance that night but I knew I’d be seeing them perform in a couple of hours anyway, so I decided I wouldn’t waste time being too sad. Instead, I focused on all of the fun I’d just had and how much more fun I was going to have, watching all of these beautiful, amazing people perform later that evening. It was a good decision on my part, seeing as how Saturday’s concert was one of the best I’ve ever attended.

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