Review: BeBe Lip Mask

The BeBe Lip Mask by The Face Shop
The BeBe Lip Mask by The Face Shop

After nail polish, my one true vanity/obsession (man, do I own a lot of nail polishes), the next cosmetic or skincare item that I adore is anything to do with lips. Hm, maybe it’s because I like kissing. Just kidding. But while I’m not sure the reason, I do love lip stains, lip sticks, lip glosses, lip balms… pretty much lip anything.

Which, of course, means that I want to keep my lips in tip-top shape so that I can use all my favourite lip products (although not all at once, that would be a mess) whenever I want.

And given my love of mask sheets (and on a side note, is it sheet mask or mask sheet?… because I see both, often, on packaging and in reviews and it drives me nuts not knowing which is correct… but I digress) and lip products, I knew I had to try the BeBe Lip Mask when I saw it. A mask sheet just for my lips, how could I not?

It's hard to smile with a lip mask on but I tried as I was giggling inside ^^
It’s hard to smile with a lip mask on so you can’t tell I was giggling inside ^^

First Impressions

They look really funny when you put them on. That was my first impression. I started giggling a bit to be honest which was hard as my lips couldn’t really move. Mainly because both halves of the mask were much bigger than my lips (see the photo) – I guess from being a one-size-fits-all lip mask – that it was kind of funny. Okay, it was really funny, like when I use the character mask sheets. My other first impression was that it was easy to apply and tingled slightly.

If you can't see any instructions, peel back the sticker... they are underneath.
If you can’t see any instructions, peel back the sticker… they are underneath.

My Thoughts

Okay, before I tell you my thoughts, let me tell you a little bit about them and how I used them. First off, if you buy them in Canada, you may have to peel the sticker on the back off if you want instructions as while the sticker gives you a description in English and French, it doesn’t actually tell you how to use it. Sure, they are pretty self-explanatory but I wanted instructions – mainly so I would know how long to leave them on (20-30 minutes). Fair warning, the printing on the packaging is very, very tiny.

After reading the instructions and opening the package, I quickly put the top and bottom lip masks on, gently smoothing out any bubbles. Almost instantly, I felt a mild tingling – not unpleasant, more like it was letting me know that they were doing something.

This is what it looks like before you put it on
This is what it looks like before you put it on

I was a little surprised at how well they stayed on and conversely, how easily they came off when it was time. It seems kind of contradictory but once I got them in place and smoothed on, they stayed still like they had gently suctioned onto my lips. But when the time was up and I grasped an edge, it lifted right off with no issues.

Remember I said there was a mild tingling? Well, it lasted the entire 30 minutes and they felt almost cool, like there was a minty feel to them. It was just enough that I noticed and tried to figure it out but not enough to be an issue at all.

After the time was up and I removed them, my lips felt a little tacky but very moisturized. In fact, the second time I used them (I’ve used two now, about a month apart) my lips were quite dry but afterwards, they were very smooth and ready for some lip stick.

Speaking of which, even though I used the BeBe Lip Mask at night before bed, I did apply some lip stick just to see how well it would go on. It went on like a dream.

Final Thoughts

First up, the most important question… Would I use it again? Yeah, definitely. In fact, I already have. They left my lips feeling like I’d just poured a ton of moisturizing lip balm on them – smooth, healthy and happy. And really, that’s just what I wanted. The only slightly negative was the mild tacky feeling but using a lip product like a balm afterwards took care of that. And really, my lips are never naked, so it wasn’t really a negative. Besides how amazing the BeBe Lip Mask made my lips feel more than made up for a little tackiness.

Have you tried the BeBe Lip Mask? What did you think?

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