‘The Sound Of Your Heart’ – Laughter is the best medicine!

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I’ve had a pretty tough week and to say I’m fine, well, to be honest, I would be lying (I actually have a rotten cold as I type this). Now I don’t know about you, but the way I deal with being in a slump is that I allow myself to mope for a few days (you must remind yourself that this sad and blue feeling is only temporary) before dragging myself back into kick ass mode!

Yesterday would have been the first day of that moping cycle (although to be fair, I shouldn’t be too upset when my favourite K-Pop group B.A.P are having another world tour again, hitting places such as my home city London, and where ATK Magazine originally resides, Canada), but after being yelled at by my younger sister to stop blasting out sad break up songs (I didn’t even experience a break up to feel sad this time round) and instead listen to girl power songs, I thought to myself – why am I fighting sadness with sadness? Why don’t I try finding something happy?

That decision led me to opening up Line Webtoons and browsing through their comedy section, which brought me to the next saga in my Manhwa Chronicles!

‘The Sound of Your Heart’ (마음의 소리)

Don’t let the title fool you. This is far from being a typical romance! ‘The Sound of Your Heart’ (마음의 소리) is a comedic genius piece created by Jo Seok (조석) and each chapter is fairly short, taking a normal every day life situation and delivering it in a ridiculous, over-exaggerated but hilarious way! It seems that Jo Seok places himself as the fictional voice of the main character but if you have never heard of the saying that “imagination is key”, then this manhwa is living proof that it is! Jo Seok’s imagination takes the reader to places that they may have perhaps been to before or never thought was possible to dream of.

What I liked about it

I love how incredibly creative it is. Because I am a creative person myself, I always connect to another artist easily, especially if their creation inspires me to do something. Whether that be my own creative piece, or something I haven’t done in a while, for example call a friend or listened to a song. For ‘The Sound of Your Heart’, I was inspired to actually work on myself. I could relate so well to each chapter (which was quite scary at times), that I felt I could see the funny side in my own personal issues. I mean I might not straight away, but eventually with the help of this story and its comedic values I will!

It also reminded me of British comedy sketch shows, where a scene could be completely normal and sweet then quickly turn into something that no one was expecting but truly finds funny. Each chapter really felt like I was watching one of those shows and it was timed perfectly to keep me going right up to the punchline!

What I disliked about it

This might make me sound very shallow but at first, I didn’t want to read the comic because of the art style. It’s not exactly the prettiest of illustrations (I’m sure that’s the whole point) so I won’t mark it down because of that. As I continued to read on, the art style soon became something that also added to the funny factor!

So I guess there really isn’t anything that I can pinpoint that I particularly disliked about it. However, I will say that it is a simple read so if you want a light and easygoing web comic or manhwa, then this title is good for you. If you wanted something that tested your mind and had a more complex plot line, then you’re not looking in the right place.

Final thoughts

Did this cheer me up? Yes! Did it take away my rotten cold? No, but it was just as good as medicine and chicken soup! Reading this title brought warmth to me and reminded me of how I dream myself into ridiculous situations. You know how sometimes you replay how a situation could have gone or could go, to make a decision? ‘The Sound of Your Heart’ already does that for you! It’s like flipping two sides of a coin and now you just got to decide which side you’ll pick.

It seems to me that this comic is also another reason to tell you that the only influence you should have during certain times is yourself. For example, if you were thinking of asking out your crush, perhaps it’s best to act on your own judgement rather than getting advice from your friends – no offence friends, but this is between me and me only. Or if you want to have a job that makes you happy, perhaps you’ve not asked for a higher role you can progress into and if won’t let you progress, why not try finding another job that will let you? Anyway, I probably should stop giving ATK readers life lessons because what I’m actually trying to say is that laughter is important. Once again, you are the only one who can pull yourself out of this slump and smiling is really the end of sadness.

If you wanted a mood pick-me-up, you can read ‘The Sound of Your Heart‘ through Line Webtoons here. Don’t forget to let ATK Magazine know what you think of this title and review in the comments below!

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