Seven Day Sheet Mask Challenge

I really liked the Acai Berry one, I'll definitely buy it again
I really liked the Acai Berry one, I’ll definitely buy it again

I love sheet masks and as I had amassed quite a collection of them, I thought I should write about them but during my research for writing a review of various sheet masks, I came across a seven day sheet mask challenge on Soko Glam. So of course, I had to try it.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t quite do the challenge correctly, as I didn’t Instagram it (no one wants to see that scary photo) but otherwise, I did the challenge correctly.

Why did I do the 7 day sheet mask challenge?

Basically, I was intrigued to about two things – or rather, which effect would be stronger.

First and foremost, what would my skin feel like afterwards? I mean, that is the main reason I use sheet masks to start with so it has to be the primary thing that I would look for, regardless of the frequency of use. The main difference being that I normally use one a week or occasionally two a week so using one every day for seven days… how would my skin feel? I was intrigued.

The other thing that I was curious about was if there would be any negative effects to my skin? Luckily, as my skin matured it became less prone to breakouts and less sensitive – yay, there are positive aspects of getting older – but I’m still careful about putting too much product on my face. It’s one of the reasons I still don’t wear foundation or BB cream regularly, just a light powder.

So would using a sheet mask a day be good or bad? That was the ultimate question I was asking myself. And to make the challenge easier to judge, I stuck with the same line of sheet masks (but not the exact same one, that would be too boring), one that I’ve used before with no ill effects.

This is one I often use which is why I choose this line of sheet masks
This is one I often use which is why I choose this line of sheet masks

Which sheet masks did I use?

As I wanted to see the effects of using sheet masks for seven days without worrying about how my face would deal with an unfamiliar product, I stuck with sheet masks I know. Okay, I hadn’t previously used all of the ones I tried for the challenge but I do regularly use sheet masks from this line so I figured that was as safe as I was going to get without using the exact same one, seven times. I went with the “Real Nature” line from The Face Shop and used the Lemon, Acai Berry, Blueberry, Bamboo, Avocado, Cucumber, and Olive.

While I won’t review each one separately, I really liked the Acai Berry sheet mask (one of the new ones I tried), didn’t really like the Lemon one and regularly use the Bamboo one. I also think the Cucumber sheet mask would be good for summer after being chilled in the fridge.

Wasn't really a fan, wouldn't buy it again
Wasn’t really a fan, wouldn’t buy it again

After 7 days of sheet masks

I was a little disappointed. Okay, it wasn’t bad and I certainly had no negative effects – no breakouts or sensitivity. And yes, my skin feels a little more moisturized but not as much as I was expecting. I think that’s my issue. I was expecting something amazing and got something subtle.

Would I do it again?

Perhaps. Maybe. But if I did, I would use sheet masks that are more targeted towards the result that I’m looking for – moisturizing – because otherwise I didn’t see enough results to justify the increased cost of using a month’s worth of sheet masks in a week.

I want to try this in chilled in the summer...
I want to try this in chilled in the summer…

Final thoughts

It was a fun experiment and nice to take the 20 minutes each night in the form of pampering time but I can’t see myself doing it on a regular basis, especially as the results were so subtle. However, that wouldn’t stop me from trying another seven day challenge as I’m always hoping to find the perfect way to banish the harsh effects of a Canadian winter on my skin.

Have you taken the seven day sheet mask challenge from Soko Glam? What did you think?

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