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With the popularity of K-pop increasing exponentially, it is safe to assume that more people are taking notice of those who cover K-pop as well! There are specific people who cover the songs, groups that remake the MVs, and then also groups who cover the K-pop dances and post tutorials online for people to learn from!

Screenshot of Underground Pulse’s YouTube channel!

One such group you might have heard of because they are from the Toronto area, are Underground Pulse, or UP! They have a YouTube fanbase of over 2,000, and they also post many amazing tutorials! (Some of their tutorials have almost reached 30,000 views!) Here is a list of their daebak (대박, awesome) accomplishments in the last few years:

  • 2013 – A1 Chinese Radio Dance It Up Competition – Best Live Fan Award
  • 2014 – AllTV K-pop Cover Dance Competition: 3rd Place, Nongshim K-Pop Dance Festival: 1st Place, So You Think You Can K-Pop: 2nd Place
  • 2015 – So You Think You Can K-Pop: 3rd Place, K-pop World Festival Toronto Preliminaries: 3rd Place.

With the success that their group has been seeing, it brings these questions up: How do they practice? What are their practices like? Do they have upcoming performances?

Screenshot from Underground Pulse’s cover of Happiness!

What are their practices like?

I had the opportunity to attend a practice of UP (the acronym for Underground Pulse) and I must say, they definitely have a lot of fun which comes in handy during the filming!

Generally the first few members get to the practice around 11am-12pm, then they don’t finish practising until as late as 8pm! What dedication! While they practice in Scarborough some of the members are not from the area and even need to commute for a long time, which shows how serious they are about dancing.

Once people begin to trickle in they start by looking at some recent K-pop dances, or dances they may be currently obsessed with (and when I say obsessed, I mean screaming obsessed). Afterwards they find out what each of the members learned, and what dances they know and can use to film a tutorial.

Screenshot from Underground Pulse’s cover of Shake It!

How do they practice?

When they first learn a song they take mirrored dance practice videos and choose a member of the group to mimic. Then once all the members know the dance mostly, one of the members creates a formation which helps organize where each member dances, and when. After the formation is complete, they run through the song a million times (not literally but probably close to that amount) just to ensure they know the dance correctly and confidently. Finally, after they had practiced as hard as they can, they figure out outfits and try to match colours with each of the members. Underground Pulse either decides to film a dance cover at that point, or they use that dance in their next performance!

Is it a lot of work? Most definitely! However, it does pay off because they all look incredibly happy when they are dancing and practising with each other. From attending their one practice I can tell they treat each other like they are family and care a lot for one another (even though they sometimes bicker over which group’s comeback is the best).

Screenshot of Ky’s YouTube channel!

Who is Underground Pulse?

Underground Pulse also has members who film solo covers as well! One of the members who has a solo channel is Ky and this is her channel! She films K-pop dance covers and also hilarious MV reactions! I think Underground Pulse may have some competition from their own group as Ky has over 2000 subscribers on YouTube as well! How crazy is that?

Screenshot of Harny’s YouTube channel!

Another member who films solo dance covers is Harny! Though he does not have as many videos as Ky he is pretty well-known, especially in the Instagram community! His Instagram @harnychannie has over 2K followers! I wonder how the other members of Underground Pulse feel about that?

Screenshot of one of Harny’s solo dances!

Wrap up!

Underground Pulse (or UP) is an extremely talented group who are basically a second family to each other. They perform frequently at K-pop events and also are known for really good YouTube tutorials! Check out their YouTube here and also be sure to follow their Instagram @byupulse and like their Facebook page as well!

Underground Pulse’s logo!

What is your favourite tutorial from them? What song do you want them to cover next? Are there any other groups like Underground Pulse that you believe deserve recognition too?

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