‘Cheese in the Trap’ – There’s nothing cheesy about this!

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After getting suggestions from my Korean study teacher (선생님) that my classmates and I should read webtoons (or rather constant reminders for me, since I already do), I finally took up the recommendation from a fellow student that I should check out Korean web-comic ‘Cheese in the Trap’ (치즈인더트랩). She stated that it was really good, so what a perfect opportunity to take up another title for my next review in Manhwa Chronicles!

‘Cheese in the Trap’ (치즈인더트랩)

‘Cheese in the Trap’ is a web comic that technically falls under the romance genre, and it is created by Soon Ggi (순끼). It tells the story of Seol Hong who is the true meaning of a hard worker. After taking a break and working part-time, she returns to her college studies and although working very hard, something gets to her and a year later, she announces that she will be having a break again. Much to the dismay of her college friends and mother, Seol cannot yet reveal the reason why she adamantly wanted to leave her studies again. The reason could very well be Jung Yu, another student who is Seol’s senior and the walking, talking definition of perfection. He’s everyone’s go-to guy, the ladies fancy him and the boys always want to befriend him. However, Seol feels that he carries a certain aura, that he isn’t to be trusted and that he is not as nice as everybody else thinks he is.

Seol is much like anybody, like you and I. She wants to go to school only to study and get a scholarship, she’s not there to revel in the drama or be led astray by any distractions, especially men. However, you know that once you make that kind of vow to yourself, something or someone will do all it takes to make you break it. With Seol, it’s Jung. Jung makes her question his every motive, and during chapters/episodes 5 onwards she does all she can to avoid him. You know that awkward crush you don’t want to bump into at work or at college, because you’re scared you’re going to end up being a babbling wreck in front of them? So then whoever you are with or whenever you come close to crossing paths with your crush, your mind suddenly alerts you that “IT WOULD BE SUCH A GOOD IDEA TO DO SOMETHING THAT I KNOW I’M NOT CAPABLE OF DOING BUT IF IT MEANS GETTING AWAY FROM CRUSH, I WILL DO IT!” …Or is that just me?

What I liked about it

Following from what I just said, it seems that no matter what Seol does in order to avoid Jung, he always ends up being wherever she is. Now I don’t mean that in a creepy way, I genuinely believe it is just coincidental. Her constantly never-ending thoughts monologue is what keeps me entertained (an example of this is when she decides what image fits Jung’s persona depending on what she’s analysed of him so far) and although Jung looks like the typical guy that the main female character would fancy, you cannot help but feel that he’s just an all-around nice person.

I won’t lie, the story is cute but it’s not generic or predictably cute. It’s not the kind of cute that will steer you away or make you puke! Maybe puke rainbows – can people actually do that? The relationship between the two main characters is intriguing, they both clearly have an interest in each other but nothing is a given. Nothing tells the reader why they seem to be curious in one another and nothing tells us what they think of each other; sure Seol might dislike Jung at first but that thought vanishes once she gets to know and spends more time with him.

The illustration of the characters really makes it easy for me to interpret every sound and movement, as if this story was made as a motion picture. For example, one comic square with barely anything happening can still easily set the tone of a chapter.

What I disliked about it

Seol’s overthinking – I mean, I know we all do it but nobody likes or wants to admit that they’re an over-thinker. We all know overthinking is dangerous! There was also definitely a part of me as I continued to read through ‘Cheese in the Trap’ that wanted to scream at the main female protagonist to stop thinking and questioning the male protagonist all the time.

The amount of back story – I understand that a writer has to give their audience an insight of what the characters are like (with their relationships, their personality etc) but by the time I got to chapter/episode 10, I felt a little impatient, especially since a clue to what is in store for the characters was randomly placed at the end of Seol’s flashback!

Final thoughts

I must not forget to also mention that joining Dr. Frost and Orange Marmalade, there will be a drama adaption of ‘Cheese in the Trap’ coming early next year!

My classmate was indeed correct. ‘Cheese in the Trap’ is good and I will continue to read it, however I’m not sure if I am as excited for the drama adaption as I thought I would be. Drama adaptions of manhwa titles/web comics might be another topic to discuss in the future….

If you wanted to check out this webcomic or needed an introduction to the romance genre, you can read ‘Cheese in the Trap’ on Naver or Line Webtoon.

Are you a fan of the cheese or do you stay well away from the trap? Tell ATK all about your thoughts on this web comic below!

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  • November 23, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    I heard it was good. I also read comics on Line:) Lately I’ve been ready Hooky, Tower of God and The Gamer. Thanks for sharing!! I think I’ll check out ‘Cheese in the Trap ‘

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