Interview: PATiENTS (Round 2!)

Patients 2015 - 2
Image courtesy of PATiENTS [L-R: Hyuckjang Kwon (keyboard), Sumin Jo (bass guitar and vocals) and Jaehyuk Lee (drummer)]
I previously mentioned that I had the fortunate opportunity to see hybrid punk band PATiENTS (페이션츠) perform at the K-Indie Rock Showcase, alongside Dead Buttons (데드버튼즈) and Thirdstone (써드스톤) back in May. ATK Magazine was also lucky to have another interview with PATiENTS’ bassist and lead vocalist Sumin Jo.

So let’s see what experiences the trio had in the UK this year, compared to last year!

The Interview (Round 2!)

First of all, how did it feel to be back in the UK for another tour?

It felt great. This tour far exceeded our expectations. Our 2014 UK tour went well, but this tour was even better. We only played three shows this time around so I can remember every gig perfectly. All were fantastic. I can’t wait to go back to the UK again!

You’ve released your new album ‘18’ in April. What was the response like from the album promotion during your UK concerts?

We brought copies of our new album with us and sold out of them before we finished our tour. We didn’t do any special promotions in the UK aside from interviews and album reviews. We just tried to play our best. And from that lots of people wanted to buy our album after our gigs so we felt really good about that. For our last show, we had no CDs left. I should have brought more albums. I packed a suitcase full of CDs, but it wasn’t enough. And I’m really grateful to everyone who bought our album while we were in the UK. All of you helped make my luggage a lot lighter when I went back to Korea!

Jules: Want to listen to a track from PATiENTS’ latest album? Check out the music video for Bad Fingers below!

Were there any funny moments during the making of the album?

There weren’t any really funny moments, but making the album was a lot of fun. This was our first time making a full-length album with our keyboard, bass, and drums set up. Because it’s an unusual set up, there weren’t a lot of other bands we could use as a reference point. But that was a good thing. It helped us create something unique that truly showcases PATiENTS’ sound.

What tracks on ‘18’ are your personal favourites?

I love all of the songs on ‘18’ but if I had to recommend some tracks, I think people should listen to “Sipalsegi” and “Let’s Drive, Let’s Go.” Hyuckjang really likes “High Level Darling” and Jaehyuk’s favourite is ”R.I.P.”

Patients 2
Image courtesy of PATiENTS

Hyuckjang and Sumin, in the previous interview you had with ATK Magazine – you both expressed that you wanted to eat chips and watch football (Hyuckjang) and see as many gigs and meet other bands (Sumin). Did you both manage to accomplish those goals while you were here this year and last year?

Hyuckjang went to a soccer stadium last year, but this year he couldn’t because there wasn’t enough time. Last year I really enjoyed seeing and meeting many bands and did the same thing this year too. Because we played at Liverpool Sound City, it was easy to do this. There are so many great acts playing within a short walking distance.

What song(s) were the most fun to perform at your London and Liverpool dates?

“Sipalsegi” and ” Children of the Ashes”.

Jules: Check out PATiENTS’ performance of 18세기 (Sipalsegi) and Spanking Jenny from Liverpool Sound City this year!

You shared the London stage with the likes of two other incredible music acts – Dead Buttons and Third Stone. Are there any other bands that you would love to share the stage or collaborate with in the future?

We’d love to tour or collaborate with either Galaxy Express (갤럭시익스프레스) or Dives (다이브스). Both are Korean indie bands and are great. Dives are a part of the label we own and operate, Steel Face Records.

And finally, was there anything you’ve learnt or will take away from your second UK tour experience?

After gigging in London and Liverpool last year and this year, we’re really familiar with both cities now. So now we know a lot more cool places hidden in small alleys. For us, the best part of touring the UK is to see how our music and energy are able to transcend the language differences. It’s amazing to see. We love playing in the UK and can’t wait to come back again!


You can keep up to date with PATiENTS through their Facebook and you can purchase their latest album ’18’ through iTunes or their Bandcamp page!

ATK Magazine would like to give special thanks to PATiENTS, especially Sumin for taking his time to answer our questions.

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