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Image courtesy of Corean Canadian Creatives
Image courtesy of Corean Canadian Creatives

Last summer I was approached by a group of 20-something Korean-Canadians who were putting together a non-profit group to provide young creative adults with opportunities to mix, network and express their creativity. I was intrigued. As someone who thinks of myself as a creative person – both as a writer and as a cook – I like the ideas they were sharing with me that evening over coffee on a patio. While it was geared to young creative Korean-Canadians, I loved that right from the start, they were inclusive of all.

Since then I’ve written about Corean Canadian Creatives (CCC), the name of the non-profit group, a few times and attended the two events they have put on. The first event was a musical showcase and the second, the launch of the first phase of their first Collaborative Project – an online magazine. Keep reading for more on it and the upcoming second phase.

CCC Collaborative Project

CCC are now in the second phase of their Collaborative Project. For the first phase, they gathered participants to work together in creating a magazine, “with the theme ‘Korean-Canadian identity,’ in an attempt to let young Korean Canadians reflect on their identity as a member of a culturally vibrant city.” They recruited writers, artists and editors, and launched the online publication of the magazine on May 22nd at a fun social event. While I wish we could have seen the online version at the event (it was revealed the next day), it was still fun and had over 120 people. Plus I love socializing and knew a bunch of people. ^^

It’s Time for Phase Two

With the publication on the online magazine, CCC is ready to embark on the second phase of the project. They are recruiting participants to creative videography and music to accompany the writings and visual artwork in the magazine. Here are the descriptions of the what creative talents they are looking for (descriptions via CCC)

  • Video Artist – Will be recording and editing the video footage. They may be paired with other video artists to form a team. Must have experience filming and editing experiences and basic recording equipment.
  • Animator – Will be creating animations for the films and/or the opening title and ending credits. Must have an education background (or in the process of studying) in video-based programs.
  • Actor/Actress – Will be acting for the films with direction from the filming crew.
  • Song Writer – Will be writing songs that is to be used in the films as original soundtrack.
  • Musician/Singer – Will be performing songs that is to be used in the films as original soundtrack. Must own relevant instruments. (Large instruments such as pianos may be supported by CCC.)
  • Music Producer/Engineer – Will be recording and mixing songs that is to be used in the films as original soundtrack. Must have sound mastering system. A professional recording studio will be rented out by CCC for the final recording.

Want to Check Out Their Magazine?

Of course you do! I know I was excited and hopped over to read it as soon as I could. Just click link to check out the online publication of the magazine. Curious who participated? Check out the list of participants from phase 1 (in alphabetical order):

  • Seungwoo Baek – Creative Writer
  • Jinho Choi – Creative Writer
  • Jiwon Chun – Creative Writer
  • Sejin Do – Editorial Designer
  • Glara Han – Creative Writer
  • Jeannie Kim – Visual Artist
  • Vincent Kim – Visual Artist
  • Olivia Yun Gyung Koh – Creative Writer
  • Irene (In) Lee – Visual Artist
  • Ninet Moon – Editorial Designer
  • Hee Sang Park – Visual Artist
  • Niki (Hee Yung) Park – Visual Artist
  • John Sun – Editorial Designer
  • SoHee Yoo – Editorial Designer

But the need your help!

CCC launched an Indiegogo Campaign to help them fund Phase Two of the Collaborative Project and they need your help. They are trying to raise $4,000 to publish a print version of the magazine and to hire professional sound mixing studios for the soundtracks and video portions of the project. Any amount helps and because they are raising the money via Indiegogo, you can get some cool perks for your donation – including framed custom artwork at the top level of $100. Hmm, I need some new art. 

You can also help by promoting them on social media, liking their Facebook page and sharing their event info or Indiegogo campaign with your network.

Just the facts

  • What: Corean Canadian Creatives are recruiting for Phase Two of their Collaborative Project. 
  • When: Deadline to apply is Friday, June 12th
  • Why: Collaborate with like-minded creatives on a cool project.
  • How: Apply via email ( with the subject line: “Collaborative Project Application: (Your Name)” and the following info:
    • Name:
    • Role(s) Desired: (If you are qualified for more than one role, please feel free to apply for both.)
    • Brief Biography of Self: (In a few sentences)
    • Experience in the field relevant to the role(s) chosen:
    • Portfolio of relevant work: (For instance, if you are applying for an acting role, please submit a few acting demo reels.)
    • Why do you want to participate in the Collaborative Project?: (In a few sentences)

Final Thoughts

It’s an interesting project and one that hits a lot of my interests – writing, music, identity – so I can’t wait to see how Phase Two of the Collaborative Project turns out. And of course, I can’t wait for the next Creativity Night where they will showcase it.

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