DRAMA OF THE MONTH: Hyde, Jekyll and I

Hyde, Jekyll and I poster
Hyde, Jekyll and I poster

Happy April everyone! Zombie here, back to recommend a rather wonderful drama for your viewing pleasure.

Hyde, Jekyll and I screencap
Hyde, Jekyll and I screencap

Originally airing on SBS, Hyde, Jekyll and I (하이드 지킬, 나) started airing back in January and just finished up last week. Starring Han Ji Min (한지민) and Hyun Bin (현빈), Hyde, Jekyll and I (하이드 지킬, 나) is the story of a circus performer, Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min, 한지민) who becomes the sole witness in the assault and kidnapping of a well-known psychologist, Dr. Kang Hee Ae (Shin Eun Jung, 신은정) after having a run-in with Wonderland Amusement Park’s director, Goo Seo Jin (Hyun Bin, 현빈). Being the sole witness to this crime, Ha Na soon finds herself the target of an unknown assailant and Seo Jin takes it upon himself to keep her safe, not so much because he fears for her safety but because Dr. Kang has found the cure to Seo Jin’s illness.

Unbeknownst to the world, Seo Jin suffered a rather traumatic childhood and as a result, suffers from DID (dissociative identity disorder). With Dr. Kang’s help, Seo Jin was on the path to finding a cure but with the doctor missing, Seo Jin’s chances of finding a cure disappear. Desperate, Seo Jin places his trust in Ha Na and Dr. Kang’s closest colleague and former student, the dashing Dr. Yoon (Sung Joon, 성준). With Dr. Yoon’s help, Ha Na delves into her subconscious to reveal the mysterious assailant’s identity but is Dr. Yoon really helping?

As the story unfolds, a greater mystery reveals itself as does Seo Jin’s alternate identity, Robin. Having been absent for five years, the sudden return of Robin has Seo Jin more than a little upset, especially after he learns that Ha Na has fallen for his gentler side. In a story that gets more complicated by the moment, Ha Na, Seo Jin and Robin find themselves wrapped up in a mystery that takes them on a journey that will inevitably change their lives.

cute moment
Hyde, Jekyll and I screencap – cute moment

To say this drama is intriguing would be a gross understatement. From almost the very first moment, I found myself caught up in this story, completely intrigued by such interesting and unexpected characters. As the story progressed, I found myself caught up in the mystery of it all and though I tried time and time again to predict what was going to happen next, I failed miserably every single time. Which is probably why I liked this drama as much as I did. It’s not every day you come across a drama that catches you by surprise time and time again but that’s exactly what Hyde, Jekyll and I (하이드 지킬, 나) did. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen next, something completely unexpected came out of nowhere and smacked me upside the head and I rather enjoyed that.

Hyde, Jekyll and I screencap
Hyde, Jekyll and I screencap

It’s true that there were moments in this drama when I was a little disappointed in the way things played out. There were moments when I thought a bit more action and a little less talking would have been fitting and at one point I thought the villain in this story was given a bit too much power, but for the most part, this drama did a good job of keeping me entertained and that kept me happy.

Of course when you’ve got Hyun Bin (현빈) as the male lead and the second male lead, how can you really go wrong? Both Seo Jin and Robin were adorable and wonderful in their own ways and Hyun Bin (현빈) did an amazing job of portraying two sides of the same character. Sure, there were some things that you just had to accept as drama law (like the fact that Seo Jin would fall asleep with his hair one way and always wake up with it styled just so when he woke up as Robin) but hey, that’s a small concession to make for a drama that makes you swoon in pretty much every episode.

I’m not gonna lie, I spent a ridiculous amount of time agonizing over which side of Seo Jin’s character I loved more. Eventually I came to the conclusion that Seo Jin was the man for me but I’ve always been a sucker for the cold ones so it really shouldn’t come as any surprise. Even so, Robin had his moments of adorableness that melted my heart… See? Even now that this drama is over, I’m still conflicted on which personality I loved more!

bittersweet hug
Hyde, Jekyll and I screencap – bittersweet hug

As wonderful as Hyun Bin’s (현빈) characters are, they would be nothing without an equally amazing female lead and that we have in Han Ji Min’s (한지민) portrayal of Jang Ha Na. Never one to back down from a challenge, Ha Na is strong and courageous but she’s also selfless and tender-hearted and seriously, one of the most genuine and caring individuals I’ve ever come across in all my DramaLand wanderings. I think the reason I love Ha Na so much is because she’s so very good but she never comes off as goody-goody. She never has that air of perfection that a lot of female drama leads have. She’s real and down-to-earth and she’s simply trying to do what she feels is right, while at the same time, following the desires of her heart.

I’m also a fan of the fact that Ha Na is more than capable of taking care of herself. She’s strong and she shoulders responsibility well, even when life gets hard and she’s not sure she can handle things, she never backs down because she knows there are too many people depending on her. She’s a very strong leader and the members of her circus adore her, as does pretty much everyone else who ever happens to meet her, and really, they’d all be fools to not admire her. She’s an incredibly strong woman who endures a lot to help others and she gives a lot of herself to make those around her happy. (Would it be too much to say she’s my hero?)

Hyde, Jekyll and I screencap
Hyde, Jekyll and I screencap

If you’re looking for a drama with a decent plot that will keep you guessing, characters so adorable you can’t help but love them and an ending that’ll make you bawl like a baby, Hyde, Jekyll and I (하이드 지킬, 나) is for you. (And yeah, I’m not even joking about that ending. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much at the end of a drama, ever.) Sure, this drama had a few shortcomings but I, for one, am willing to overlook them and see this drama for what it is… An emotional, roller-coaster of a drama that will keep you guessing and second-guessing for a very long time. It may not be the world’s most perfect drama but it’s one I thoroughly enjoyed and I think you will too. Of course, whether you loved it or hated it, I’d love to know your thoughts so be sure to leave me a comment below!

(Oh! And just in case you’re looking for a more in-depth review of Hyde, Jekyll and I  (하이드 지킬, 나), I did a weekly review of the entire series which you can find here. Enjoy!)

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