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Image courtesy of Corean Canadian Creatives
Image courtesy of Corean Canadian Creatives

A while ago I met with three of the people behind Corean Canadian Creatives (CCC) to hear more about the new organization. After being contacted by one of them,  whom I know, I was intrigued with what he told me and was quite happy to meet with a couple of the others involved with this new organization. As we sat chatting on the patio of a coffee shop, one of the first things said was “our goal is to build a community of Korean-Canadian artists and provide them with an environment that nurtures their creativity. and lastly garner an audience for them.” I was sold.

They also said they plan on achieving their goals through workshops and collaborative projects. “Networking aspect is important too but we don’t want to be just a networking organization but a place were artists can work together and collaborate.”

As a writer, I really liked the idea. Because let’s face it, writing is often a solitary endeavour. While I know one other writer, and we have traded stories and gave each other feedback, it would be both helpful and extremely fun to connect with others. And not just to get feedback but also just to meet other writers and trade stories about things like how to get over writer’s block or how to schedule writing into a busy life. 

Now I’ve been speaking from a writer’s point-of-view but I’m sure all creative people and artists could/would benefit from workshops, collaboration and networking.

One of the things I really liked was that their definitions of what an artist or creative person were so broad and so inclusive, “although we are trying to build a Korean-Canadian community, by no means are we trying to be exclusive.” I also liked that they talked about getting information from the members (once they start getting them at the launch party) to see what they want, what kind of workshops they would be interested in. All in all, I was intrigued by the meeting and by the information below.

About Corean Canadian Creatives

Here’s what CCC has to say about themselves! 


Corean Canadian Creatives aims to build a community of creative individuals where they can find an environment to proactively develop and nurture their creativity while establishing a supportive audience through both individual and collective production and exhibition of their creative works.

Benefit Statement

Members of CCC can receive the following benefits;

1. The opportunity to connect and network with creative individuals that are either involved in their own fields of creativity or in other related fields

2. A supportive environment that aims to foster further growth of their creative skills through various events and projects that both inspire and encourage production and,

3. The exposure to a general audience built by the marketing of the organization as a collective as well as by the production and success of each individual members of the group


CCC does not limit our membership based on the form of individuals’ creative productions or their level of participation in the creative field. We have a deep and fundamental understanding of the term “Creative,” as a multifaceted word that can encircle a wide range of arts and performance, including but are not limited to; visual arts, web or material design, musical composition or performance, writing, sculpting, et cetera.

Therefore, we define the perimeters of our membership by individuals’ interest, proactivity and their passion to create, rather than by mere categories of form or their professional experiences in the field.

To become a “Creative,” we require that an individual must have; 1) genuine and sincere interest in a field of creativity, 2) aim to proactively produce works and nurture their skills, and 3) be passionate about the act of creating and sharing their works in a mutually supportive environment.

Creativity Nights

An Open-Mic styled night where members may voluntarily put on presentations or performances of their creative productions for an audience of other members and their general invitees. Will occur quarterly and each event will have a focus on a particular creative field.

  • Music/Performance – November
  • Visual – January
  • Creative Writing/Crafts – March
  • Free Form – May

Collaborative Project: Music Album – May

A two to three week project where members will form groups and work together to make a music album by putting their creative skills together from various fields such as music, visual arts, song writing, etc.

Year-end Exhibition – Summer

The final event of the year, which would occur in an outdoor festival setting; where a general public will be invited to observe exhibitions and performances of members, works and make bids and purchases.

CCC Launch Party

At the launch party you’ll not only get to be there for the start of the first non-profit organization dedicated to all the artists/creatives in town, but also you’ll get to network. According to the Executive team, it will be a “romantic Friday night” where you can enjoy a drink while “meeting beautiful and talented people”… sounds like fun to me.

Plus you can learn more about CCC but if you want to go, don’t wait. Tickets are only on sale until midnight tonight! 

Just the facts (Launch Party edition)

  • What: It’s the start of the new organizations, Corean Canadian Creatives, and they want to create a place were artists of all types can attend workshops, collaborate and network. 
  • When: Friday, October 10th, 7:00 – 10:00 pm
  • Where: Akco Lounge (100 King Street West, Toronto)
  • Why: It’s a chance to meet other creative people, network and share ideas.
  • How much: $25.00
  • Tickets: Online (but only until Tuesday, October 7th at midnight)
  • For more information: Check out their event page or Facebook page

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