Love X Stereo is coming to Toronto!

Poster courtesy of Love X Stereo
Poster courtesy of Love X Stereo

Calling all K-music lovers, another great Korean rock band is coming to Toronto this fall! I’m super excited to be able to tell you that Love X Stereo is coming to Indie Week Canada this October. I don’t have the exact date of the show yet but Indie Week runs from October 16th–20th (the week/weekend after Thanksgiving – Canadian Thanksgiving that is). And as you can see from the poster, they have a bunch of American dates too!

Not familiar with Love X Stereo, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s their official press release:

Photo courtesy of Yann LECOEUR via Love X Stereo (
Photo courtesy of Yann LECOEUR via Love X Stereo (

Korean Electro-Rock Band Based in Seoul “Love X Stereo” Releases New EP <GLOW>, Kicks Off First North American Tour

Making authentic electronic music based on the alternative and punk rock sounds of the 90’s and pop sounds of the 80’s, is creating a heavy buzz around this visionary group of musicians

With each of its members possessing more than a decade of experience, becoming more and more sensitive to their music than anyone else. Love X Stereo is quickly becoming a band that people are watching with interest. These consummate professionals, whom also handle all of their own composing, lyrics, producing, recording and mixing are about to take their years of live performing on the road to share it with the recording industry and the rest of North America.

Having recently been invited to perform at CMJ Music Marathon in NYC, MidPoint Music Festival in Ohio, M.E.A.N.Y Fest in NYC, and Canadian Indie Week in Toronto, as well as stops in DC, Chicago and Detroit. Love X Stereo is continually gaining respect from all sides of the Korean independent music scene, and while their music often confuses the Korean audience, who isn’t always accustomed to absorbing new sounds, they definitely take center stage amongst the expat community (in other words, foreigners living in Korea) thanks to their impressive live performances and memorable song-writings. Based on this international potential, Love X Stereo’s members are extremely excited to bring their fresh new style of music (what they call “alternative dance”) overseas.

Some of the bands influences include:
New Order, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Flaming Lips, The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Massive Attack, Alice in Chains, Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, Weezer, Bad Religion, Ramones, U2, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Apollo440, Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead.

Band Members:
Annie – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizers
Toby – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Producer
Sol – Bass, Backing Vocals
Koo Kyo-seon – Session Drummer 
Yoontek Jeong – Sound Engineer/Producer

Photo courtesy of Love X Stereo
Photo courtesy of Love X Stereo

My thoughts on Love X Stereo

I’d already heard of them (I read Korean Indie to discover new Korean bands now that I can’t hang out in Hongdae, and YouTube, of course) but I was even more intrigued when I read the information they sent me, especially the list of the bands that influence them. It’s like a list of my CD collection before I went to Korea. No joke, I have CDs from all of the bands listed above except Apollo440. And two of my all-time favourite bands – bands that I own all of their music – are on their list: Nine Inch Nails and New Order. 

So I was predisposed to liking this band and they haven’t disappointed. I’m liking them so much right now that I can’t wait until their new album comes out September 13th – only a couple of days away – because I think it will be a lovely addition to my collection of writing music.

But don’t just listen to me, they’re coming to North America this fall. Go check them out!

Upcoming North American tour (Sep—Nov)

  • Sep 27: MidPoint Music Festival @ Know Theatre, Cincinnati
  • Oct 1, 5: Shillelagh Tavern, Astoria
  • Oct 9: Fontana’s, NYC
  • Oct 11: RAN, Brooklyn
  • Oct 15–19: CMJ Music Marathon
  • Oct 24–Nov 2: M.E.A.N.Y. Fest, NYC
  • Oct 16–20: Indie Week Canada, Toronto
  • Oct 21: Jammin’ Java, DC
  • Oct 27: The Delancey, NYC
  • Oct 29: Small’s, Detroit
  • Nov 3: Elbo Room, Chicago

Just in case you didn’t notice (or read when I told you above), there’s a Canadian date in the middle. ^^ Can’t wait!

I hope you took a minute to check out the video, it’s a fabulous song (I have it on repeat right now) and that you’re as excited as I am about them coming to North America. Okay, I’m mostly stoked about them coming to Toronto because then I can see them live. But I wanted to let you know that not only do Love X Stereo rock, but they are also an unsigned band doing the tour without support from any management company. So they need our help! Check out their crowdfunding project on ucanfunding and help support their North American tour if you can!

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