Moistfull Aloe Essence, Soothing Gel and Cream

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I can actually feel that summer is finally here. Why? Because I actually felt the effects of the sun! The other day I spent a few hours in the sun…most of it in direct sunlight and then a bit of it in the shade. I love the heat and sun, but even so, I understand the damage the sun can cause my skin so I only soak in the sun but no longer soak it in to the point of drowning… aka burning. One of my go-to routine products in the summer is the Moistfull Aloe Soothing Cream. I associate aloe with summer because that’s the only time I use it… if ever. Aloe is known to soothe and heal dry skin, which is usually what happens when one spends too much time outside in the sun! As mentioned, I spent some time in the sun and I was very safe and put a SPF 60 sunscreen on my face, but I was less careful with my body. My shoulders and upper back definitely got a bit of sun. It doesn’t hurt, but you can definitely see that it is red. As I have previously experienced bad sunburns, I know that this wasn’t it. This was a light toasting. Ha ha.

In a normal routine (if I used the entire line), I would use the Skin (Toner), First Essence, Gel, Lotion, and Cream. They also have a mist, but I wouldn’t consider that as part of my routine.

A tiny bottle of First Essence came with the Cream. I don’t normally buy essence, but will use it if it comes as a ‘service’. It comes out finer than the Gel. Its texture is a bit more runny. It gets quickly absorbed and leaves the skin feeling more hydrated than without. I find the essence doesn’t have a strong scent… it smells very fresh, minty, also like the laundry smell in detergent. Ha ha. To use, pour a nickel size into your palm and gently pat onto your face.

I’ve owned the Soothing Gel since last summer, and I didn’t finish the entire bottle, so I stored away after the summer ended. I don’t use it in the cooler seasons because it doesn’t provide enough moisture for my skin. As it was a Soothing Gel, I pumped it and slapped it on my shoulders and back. Hey! If it is good enough for my face, it is good enough for my body! It was refreshing and did sooth the redness.

Had I known that I was going to get toasted, I would have put that bottle in the fridge before hand. I can imagine cold aloe gel feeling extra refreshing on hot skin. Try it. I bet you won’t regret it. The Gel gets absorbed relatively quickly into the skin. (Gels liquefy upon contact with skin.) This product didn’t leave me sticky or wet. To use, pump as much/little as you need into your palm, and then gently pat and rub until it covers your face. Give it about 30 seconds to dry before applying your next layer of product.

Esscense on left, Gel on right.
Essence on left, Gel on right.
Once I have rubbed it in. You can kind of tell the consistency by looking at how it dries.

Lastly, I apply the Soothing Cream. Per the packaging: Moistfull Aloe Soothing Gel and Cream is formulated with enriched Baobab Tree extracts and Organic Aloe and supplies full-charged moisture deep into the skin and keeps moisture level. I really do enjoy this product in the summer because it hydrates without feeling oily and sticky. Plus, knowing that it has aloe in it makes me feel like I am providing the moisture that I may lose during the day from exposing my face in the elements. The texture of this cream is lighter than Moistfull Collagen Cream, which I also love! To use, scoop out (with a stick) about a nickel size of the cream into your palm and then gently pat and massage it onto your face.

With the Soothing Cream
With the Soothing Cream
Soothing Cream all soaked in.
Soothing Cream all soaked in.

Overall, Etude House has done a great job in modifying and launching new ‘linking’ products for the Moistfull line. I know that on top of the original Moistfull Collagen and Soothing Aloe, they have introduced the White and Flower line. I am a huge fan of Etude House because their packaging and the girly feel lures me in!

This summer, give this product line a try!

Becky’s Tip.

This month’s tip is simple. Wear sunscreen. As summer is here, we all need to be aware of the damage the sun can do to our skin. If you care about your skin and face, lather up/spray it on! The sun is very powerful. Just because you wear sunscreen doesn’t mean that you are not tanning. But don’t misunderstand my statement that if you wear sunscreen you can bake in the sun and not get burned. Applying sunscreen just delays your skin from reddening. For more details, visit this site. Don’t forget to re-apply every 2 hours or after sweating or swimming. Many brands out there offer a range of sunscreen products. Some are oil-free and perfect for your face, while others offer water resistancy and sweat-proof. Find the right one for you and apply! If you are lucky, maybe you can ask a cute boy to help you with your back! That’s what I’m hoping for… isn’t that a great incentive to wear sunscreen?

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