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A while back I was contacted by a friend on behalf of The Face Shop in Toronto. The ever lovely and friendly Eunice asked if I would be interested in testing out some products for The Face Shop and writing about it. Since I already use products from The Face Shop – and love them so much I’ve recommended them all on my own, this was a no-brainer for me. So I said “of course” and we met for coffee to chat about the store and the opportunity. 

I love mask sheets! Great for adding moisture to your skin.
I love mask sheets! Great for adding moisture to your skin.

Supreme Cereal Brown Rice Mask Sheet

I found this one a little tingly and very moisturizing. After the 20 minutes my skin felt a little tacky (to touch) but the next morning it was super soft. 

Price: $3.50

Real Nature Raspberry Mask Sheet

There was a light scent to this sheet mask. Not my favourite scent but then, I’m not a fan of raspberry anything. However, it felt light and summery on. 

Price: $1.70

CO-Q10 Mask Sheet

This sheet mask was also quite moisturizing and was the only one of the three which I had used previously. Great for winter. I used it after getting a teensy bit of a burn on my face and it was quite soothing, plus I didn’t peel.

Price: $2.00

The verdict (for all three) – they were all good but my favourite was the brown rice sheet mask. If I had to choose between the three, it’s the one I’d buy.

Love this mascara but I'm not so good with the liquid eyeliner
Love this mascara but I’m not so good with the liquid eyeliner

Face It Extreme Transforming Mascara EX

The mascara was probably the coolest mascara I’ve ever used, bar none. Seriously, I wear mascara daily – but I must have played with the Face It Extreme Transforming Mascara for a good five minutes. Why? Because the brush changes. Give the top a twist and it twists the brush from a long, straight brush to a shorter, slanted one. How cool is that!? And, of course, there’s a purpose to it – use it as a straight brush first and then as a slanted one to give your lashes more definition and volume.

The verdict – I loved it! My lashes looked longer & fuller which is fabulous as I was cursed with short lashes. It was super easy to use and didn’t clump at all. I only wish that it was waterproof because I tend to cry at films, dramas, etc. and so wear waterproof mascara as my daily mascara (black tears are yucky!). I’d definitely recommend it!

Price: $19.00

Face It Slim Eyeliner Carbon Black

So I’m probably the worst person to test a liquid eyeliner. Why? Well, as much as it’s super embarrassing to admit, I’ve used one before so I have nothing to compare it to. That being said, it was a lot easier to use than I expected. The brush is quite small/slim and with a steady hand, I was able to draw a decent line on my right eye with little difficulty. My left eye was a little more difficult and required a little more work (which means, I had to remove my first attempt and give it another try). And that leads me to my next discovery about the Face It Slim Eyeliner – it’s harder to remove than standard eyeliners. You’ll definitely need eye makeup remover – or my favourite cleansing cloths, Herb Day Cleansing Cloths.

The verdict – not for the novice but easier to apply than expected. Gives a dramatic eye, perfect for going out or that special occasion but not an everyday product for me. My normal daily makeup is pretty understated.

Price: $17.50

Store Visit

Okay, I’ve been meaning to visit The Face Shop since last fall when I first heard it had opened in Pacific Mall. But since I live close to downtown Toronto and Pacific Mall is actually in Markham, one of the northern suburbs, it’s rather a trip – 90 minutes by subway & bus – to get there. I know it’s an excuse but even for me, that’s a long way to go for cosmetics. However, a couple of Fridays ago, I made the trek up there after work to meet a friend for some shopping and ice cream.

Pacific Mall is super easy to navigate so we quickly found the store and it was like I was back in Korea. A free sample from the friendly girl at the front of the store and then I was almost immediately asked if I needed help. I asked a couple of questions about sheet masks – as I was reviewing them – and the sales person was friendly & helpful.

I ended up making a couple of purchases and getting a point card (I love point cards!) along with some more free samples. Not only did they ask me my skin type so they could give me the correct free sample but they took a moment to explain about it.

The verdict – Friendly, helpful and not pushy – just what you want in a shopping experience. I just wish the store was closer! Then I’d shop there a lot more.


The three products reviewed in this article were provided to me for free by The Face Shop. However, the views expressed about them are all mine. I also visited the store last week with another friend (anonymously) and my opinions of the store and customer service are based on that visit.

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