Restaurant Review: Pyung Won House

Nestled in the southwest corner of Yonge and Finch is a strip of Korean restaurants that have seemed to be there for decades. In the middle of the strip is Pyung Won House, probably one of the newer restaurants in the bunch.

From the outside, the restaurant looks plain and unnoticeable. The decor inside, however, is clean and updated. Two giant TVs are hung at opposite ends of the restaurant. I was surprised at how many tables fit into such a seemingly small place. All the tables have built-in Korean barbeque grills. Even though I went during lunch hours, there were several tables happily grilling their meat away.

My Latest Experience

My friend and I were in the area, looking for a quick bite for lunch. We decided to try Pyun Won House for the first time. Sitting down, we observed there was a steady stream of customers coming into the restaurant. That must be a good sign!

We noticed flyers on the wall advertising for ‘No Limit’ barbecue meat dishes for $17 per person. That’s a pretty good deal. I spied around the restaurant and there were several tables who took advantage of this. Ultimately, we decided it was a tad too heavy for lunch for us. Next time!

Instead, we turned our attention to their 2-page Lunch Specials menu. I was surprised to see more than 20 items on that special! Turns out these specials weren’t that special after all, since the dinner portion is only a dollar more.

The wait staff ahjumma (아줌마, older married Korean woman) was prompt to take our order. At the end, we settled on the soon dubu jjigae (순두부찌개 , soft tofu stew usually with seafood) and the L.A. kalbi (LA 갈비, barbecued beef ribs).

Banchan from Pyung Won House
Banchan from Pyung Won House

After a brief wait, the wait staff presented us with the banchan (반찬, side dishes), followed immediately by our ordered dishes. We weren’t a big fan of the timing of the banchan coming out so late. Maybe we’re picky with this, but we felt like we weren’t able to fully enjoy the banchan. Our banchan consisted of 6 different dishes. Most of them were somewhat bland and weren’t as flavourful as I had hoped.

LA kalbi from Pyung Won House
LA kalbi from Pyung Won House

First up is the L.A. Kalbi. The meat was tender and very flavourful. It was marinated very well. The portion was on the smaller side, but it was delicious nonetheless. No complaints here!

Soon dubu jjiggae from Pyung Won House
Soon dubu jjiggae from Pyung Won House

The tofu stew came out bubbly in the standard ceramic bowl with the egg already cracked in it. The tofu was quite smooth. I didn’t expect that from a non-specialized restaurant. I love the spiciness in the stew; it’s not overpowering and it still lets the seafood shine through.


The service during lunch is spotty at times, I felt the two ahjummas could’ve used some extra help. The restaurant takes credit cards, which is super convenient if you have a huge group. The restaurant sign says they are open for 24 hours, though I have yet to go at 3 in the morning and confirm their hours.


Street parking is available along Yonge Street. There’s a Green P parking lot behind the restaurant as well. For those who are keen on public transportation, Pyung Won House is minutes away from the Finch subway station.


Overall, I really enjoyed this place. We walked out feeling quite full, without being overly stuffed. The menu is quite extensive, so there’s lots to try out next time. The portion size is perfect for me and the prices are decent. I would definitely come back to for the rest of the menu!

Just the facts

  • What: Pyung Won House
  • Where: 5588 Yonge Street (Toronto)
  • When: Open 24 hours
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