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Craving for a beer or two? Or maybe just some snacks on the side? Hanging out around the Yonge/Finch area? In Bar & Restaurant might just be the place you’re looking for! Whether it’s just the two of you or a whole gang of you’s (their spacious booths can accommodate at least 6!), In is quite flexible and welcoming to big crowds.

The menu
The menu

The decor is simple and minimalistic. It’s less tacky than some of the typical bars around. It’s not quite like a lounge, but they’re a step up from a bar. They usually have the latest K-pop music videos playing in the background, though I’ve caught them playing Pixar movies once or twice. What really trips me out is that they usually play a different mix over the speakers. So you could watch the latest B.A.P video while hearing and Britney! Interesting!

The bar starts to get busy around 9pm on weekends. So if you’re around on the weekends, I definitely recommend heading over just a little bit earlier!

My Latest Experience

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, my friends and I decide to hang out and chill at In. Even though it was a Thursday night, the place was almost full by the end of the night. Some people are starting their weekends early!

The servers were flexible and gave us plenty of time to ponder over the menu. We finally decided on the mussel and chives pancake (홍합 매운 부추전, honghab maeun buchujeon) and a few beers.

Immediately after ordering, we were served a few small platters of anju (안주, drinking snacks). These drinking snacks never fail to impress me.

Anju (안주, drinking snacks)
Anju (안주, drinking snacks)

On the plate, there’s squid, rolled up seaweed and clams. It also comes with the small bowl of gochujang sauce (고추장, chili pepper paste). There was also a small plate of potato salad, which was quite mediocre. This night, they have also served us these giant shrimps. They were pretty plain, so we dipped it in the gochujang sauce anyways.

The pancake came served on a sizzling hot plate that’s about 12 inches in diameter. The portion was quite generous for the price ($13).  The pancake was more chives than mussels. We had a hard time looking for the mussels. The pancake itself was quite thick and chewy. I would’ve preferred it to be slightly lighter and crispier.

Korean pancake
Korean pancake

In has a small selection of fairly-priced Canadian and imported beer ($5-8). They also serve soju (소주, distilled rice liquor) and makgeolli (막걸리, rice wine). Our group favourite is mixing a full bottle of makgeolli with half a bottle of soju and a full can of sprite. The concoction is sweet like makgeolli but the soju finishes with a strong kicker.


The servers are always super friendly and they all seem to know every customer. They’re always socializing with the tables, so it really gives off that homey atmosphere.

Since this is a Korean bar, some of the other customers can get pretty rowdy with their drinking games. I think it just adds to the livelihood of the bar.


There’s street parking right along Yonge St., right in front of the bar. But beware! There’s a fire hydrant. To avoid getting a parking ticket, make sure you leave some distance between your car and the fire hydrant.


In is a really chill place where lots of early 20 year olds come to just drink and hang out. The food can be a hit or miss but the atmosphere and (somewhat) cheap beer makes up for it. It makes me feel like I was back in Seoul for a second, though the bar doesn’t stay open til 6 in the morning. Great place to be!

Just the facts

  • What: In Bar & Restaurant
  • Where5460 Yonge Street (Toronto, ON)
  • Hours of Operation: 5:00pm-3:00am

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