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Best Songs of 2012 (2012년의 가장 좋은 노래)

Hey guys! Since this is my first K-pop post of the new year I’m going to share a list of my 5 favourite songs from 2012 and why they’re my favourite – in order from 5 to 1! ^^ 

Number 5

Touch (터치) – Miss A (미쓰에이)

When this song first came out I fell in love with it right away. I love the way its sound is a little darker than most Miss A song’s, which tend to be upbeat. The choreography for this dance, too, is quite different and so much fun! I wanted to learn it, and I did learn it, almost immediately after the song was released.

Number 4

너랑나 (You&I) – 아이유 (IU) 

This song I love both for the dance and the lyrics. The dance is incredibly fun and cute and the lyrics are also adorable. I got into this song around the time a good friend of mine was going back to Korea, and so I found myself constantly playing the lyrics “너랑 나랑은 조금 남았지? 몇날 몇신지 모르겠지만 네가 있을 미래에서…”, which means “you and I only have a little bit (of time) left, don’t we? I don’t really know what day or time it is, but a future that has you in it…” over and over in my head.The dance was harder than I expected, but I did attempt to cover it, so you can check it out if you wish.

Number 3

One of a Kind – G-Dragon (지드래곤) 

Okay there’s a bias here – I LOVE GD! But seriously this song really pumps me up. I also am a huge fan of rap, and most of the song is a rap.

I also love this song simply because of its uniqueness – even in the title “One of a Kind”. I know people constantly bag on G-Dragon for smoking weed, being eccentric, having weird styles in fashion, and being over-all…well…different, but I like how this song shows everyone that GD is proud to be that way. And I think it’s better to be different, unique – one of a kind – as opposed to being carbon-copies of everyone else (which can be seen in many idol groups in Korea). Since I love the message of this song I have to include it!

Number 2

보여줄게 (I Will Show You) – 에일리 (Ailee) 

The reason I like this song is for the message it delivers. But when I first heard it, I didn’t like it that much. Why? The reason being the message is good in one way but bad in another. The chorus reads “보여줄게 완전히 달라진 나. 보여줄게 훨씬 더 예뻐진나. 바보처럼 사랑때문에, 떠난 너때문에 울지 않을래. 더 멋진 남잘 만나. 꼭 보여줄께 너보다 행복한 나. 너 없이도 슬프지 않아, 무너지지 않아.” This means “I will show you a completely different me. I will show you a much prettier me. I would not like to cry like an idiot because of love, because you left. I will meet a cooler man. I will show you how I’m much happier than you. Even without you I’m not sad, I am not collapsing.”

I like this because it shows that the lady can go on living a perfectly happy life even without the man. It also shows that the woman can have confidence in herself and does not need to rely on the man in order to be happy; but, it also puts emphasis on the fact that she has to change or be “better looking/prettier” in order to show him that she’s doing okay or to, in a way, get his attention. I disapprove of this because, one, she shouldn’t care about what he thinks of her at this point, and, two, because why should she have to change or be “prettier” in order to make him regret what he did?

Number 1

그새끼 (That XX) – G-Dragon (지드래곤)

Okay, huge bias again because, as I’ve mentioned, I LOVE GD! LOL but this song is just sheer genius. It is quite different from G-Dragon’s usual sound – much slower, calmer, and seems to be a lot more 감동 (touching). I also love this song for the lyrics and overall feel of it, and I must admit to loving Sungha Jung and his rendition of the song on guitar – also he played with GD at 인기가요!

So for some of the lyrics that touch me: “그 새끼보다 내가 못한게 뭐야? 도대체 왜 나는 가질 수 없는거야? 그새낀 너를 사랑하는게 아냐. 언제까지 바보 같이 울고만 있을거야?” – “What can that bastard do that I can’t? Why can’t I have you at all? That bastard doesn’t love you. Until when are you stupidly going to just cry like this?”

“넌 그사람 얘길할 땐 행복해 보여…그를 정말 사랑한다고 마치 영원할거라고 믿는 네모습이 I don’t know what to say no more. 너의 친구들 모두 그를 잘알아. 뻔히 다 보이는걸 너만 왜 못봐?” – “When you talk with him you look happy. (when I see) you believing him when he says he really loves you and it’s like you’ll be together forever I don’t know what to say no more. You’re friends all know him. Predictably why is it only you can’t see what everyone else does?”

I find these to be highly relatable lyrics for everyone who may be in one-sided love or an unbalanced relationship. It’s a very touching song that can actually move me to tears, and no matter how many times I listen to it, I can never tire of it. Therefore it is my favourite song of 2012!

With Sungha Jung at 인기가요: 


  1. Hey there, Big Bang fan 😉 I’m glad in top 5, 2 songs are GD’s 🙂

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