Pop! Goes the World! featuring DJ Epitone

Poster courtesy of Pop! Goes the World!
Poster courtesy of Pop! Goes the World!

It’s no secret that I love K-pop. Actually, I simply love music and it’s one of the many genres I listen to but it does make it to the top of my play list most often. I call it my “happy music” because if I’m in a funk, listening to K-pop cheers me up. Plus it’s super fun to dance to and I love dancing. ^^ So I’m always up for any chance to head to a club for a night of dancing to K-pop.

Which is why I was super excited when I heard Pop! Goes the World! – my go-to VJs/DJs for anything K-pop in Toronto – had teamed up with DJ Epitone for their December party. Now DJ Jaybe and VJ Gee – the duo from Pop! Goes the World! – rock all on their own. I’ve been to several of their events and always had a blast. Plus they always play Big Bang so how can I not like them! ^^ Add another amazing DJ to what is already a fabulous party and I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those nights when I want to use my super special adjective – it’s going to be fantabulous! My feet are already itching to dance.

Don’t know who DJ Epitone is?

DJ Epitone, whose real name is Peter Kay, is a DJ out of New York City and he’ll be spinning in Canada for the first time at Pop! Goes the World!’s party on December 28th. You really don’t want to miss the chance to check him out. Wear comfy shoes because he’s a high energy DJ and you won’t be able to stay off the dance floor. It’ll be the perfect way to burn off some of those holiday cookies and eggnog. But that’s not all, I’ve heard he has just produced his first single which will be released soon on iTunes, and apparently has some pretty big news coming in 2013. Cool! Want more info about DJ Epitone, check out his website.

Check out some of his remixes!

Sorry, as a Big Bang fan… you knew I had to share one of DJ Epitone’s Big Bang remixes. ^^

One remix isn’t enough to form an opinion so here’s a 2NE1 remix for you too.

And his remix of Girl’s Generation’s The Boys makes me want to move! If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, DJ Epitone has tons more on his YouTube page. Check it out!

And that’s not all…

Pop! Goes the World!’s main DJs – DJ Jaybe and VJ Gee – will be rocking the dance floor for the rest of the night. Three fabulous DJs spinning K-pop all night long… I’m going to be in heaven!

Just the facts

  • What: Pop! Goes the World! presents DJ Epitone
  • When: Friday December 28t, 10pm – 2:30am
  • Where: The Annex WreckRoom (794 Bathurst St, Toronto)
  • Who: DJ Epitone, DJ Jaybe & VJ Gee
  • Why: Umm… because you want to rock out one last time to K-pop
  • How much: $15 (special event pricing)
  • This is a 19+ event! You must bring your ID or passport.
  • For more details: check out the Facebook event page 

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