Review: Invasion of Alien Bikini 에일리언 비키니 at TKFF

Invasion of Alien Bikini 에일리언비키니 (2011)

What’s it about? An alien – Ha Monica (sorry, I love the name) – needs to be impregnated (read: needs sperm) before the end of the night. A bunch of guys are trying to stop it. A bumbling ‘hero’ steps in and saves her from them. He takes her back to his apartment to make her tea – no joke – and she proceeds to try to seduce him for his sperm. The catch – he’s made a vow of chastity.

My thoughts

This was a film that alternated between being weird, funny and campy on one hand and seriously dark and violent on the other. It was so uneven that it was almost like two different films spliced together, a very odd and apparently, extremely low-budget film. Did I like it? Yeah, at times but there were a few ‘what the…’ moments that ruined it for me.

It starts all campy and fun – there was even a fake commercial in the film near the beginning. I remember thinking, ‘cool, I’m going to really like this one.’ But then it gets seriously dark and disturbing, not to mention violent. I have no problem with violence in films nor dark, disturbing films but it was the combination of too many different elements that seemed a little off. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that changed from cute and campy to dark and violent so abruptly and completely – for me, this was seriously distracting. It really took away from the story and the acting – which wasn’t that bad and could have made for a decent film.

In fact, I liked the acting and the story was intriguing and definitely could have been a campy, 70s-like B sci-fi flick. There were some funny moments, especially in the first half of the film. I absolutely loved the Jenga scene! To be frank, if the second half of the film was as good as the first, I’d be raving about rather than of two minds.

But then it gets disturbing – I really didn’t need the image of a feather duster up his ass in my head and for the life of me, I can’t see how sticking a feather duster up a guy’s ass is going to make him have sex with you… but maybe that’s just me. I understand that the scene with his father was an attempt to give some background filler to explain his upcoming psychotic break but it was a little too obvious. Much of it – without the gory details – could have been extrapolated from the scars he shows and mentions early in the film. I felt like it was simply filler for the sake of adding some more violence and that it was unnecessary.

I found the story slightly implausible – not because of the whole ‘alien needing sperm before midnight’ which was a good sci-fi premise, the character of Monica was consistent in her portrayal – but because Young Gun (the male lead) was this unbelievably idealistic guy who sticks to his guns in the face of crazy temptation right up to when he gets free and bashes her head in. Then, completely out-of-character – and this is one of my huge issues with the film – he rapes her. What the… he wouldn’t have sex with her while she was all over him offering it up because of his chastity vow but it’s okay to rape her? The whole film he’s this nice, awkward guy who’s all about being chaste and then as soon as the rape is finished he returns to character and wants to marry her. Nah, not buying it. I know the story required Monica to get pregnant but it could have happened in a more believable way.

However, I did like how the film came full circle at the end and the opening scene fully plays out. That was extremely well-done.


All in all, it was a strange mix of what seemed like two different films that showed flashes of brilliance but wasn’t consistent or complete. Would I recommend it? No, not really but I also wouldn’t tell you not to see it and I’d be interested to see the next film by the director.

Cindy Zimmer

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  • July 26, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    Wow, that sounds like a really strange movie! Haha 😀 I might be tempted to watch it even though you don’t recommend it out of curiosity lol

    • July 26, 2012 at 10:22 pm

      It was definitely unusual 🙂 and while I don’t recommend it… if you want to see a crazy film that has some good elements and some extreme violence… this is your film! Save the Green Planet! 지구를지켜라! is much better though.

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