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Hello my lovely readers, I talked about this a while back but have finally gathered my courage to do it. I’m about to embark on a new blog feature – fiction writing. I’ve had this story bouncing around in my head for a while so I thought that I would actually write it down and share it with you.

What can you expect?

I’m not entirely sure how long it will turn out to be – as it’s just two chapters at the moment – but I will release one chapter a month on the last Friday of the month for five months to get some feedback so let me know what you think. Fair warning, it’s a love story 🙂 But it’s a love story set in Seoul. And before you ask, yes… the inspiration for the story is from my experience living in Korea. But no, it’s not real! ^^ 

The chapters might be a little longer than my normal posts but hopefully they are interesting. So without further adieu, the prologue and first chapter of Love in the Land of Morning Calm will be available at 10am (in an hour) this morning. Enjoy!

Since I always read the back cover of a book to see if the story might be interesting, here’s my back cover 🙂

Mandy Hampton, moved to Korea to be an English teacher. She’s been working for a few years in marketing but isn’t really happy with her job or life. She broke up with her boyfriend of two years, six months ago because it wasn’t going anywhere – just like her job.

In Korea, she makes new friends – foreign and Korean – and becomes very close to a group mainly made up of co-workers. They become like her new family. They call themselves the NA family as most of them work at NA International School and they explore many of the fun things Seoul (and Korea) has to offer.

On one of her NA family nights out, she meets a Korean guy whom she starts to date, he seems great at first but as she slowly discovers, is dating her for a variety of reasons, none of which have anything to do with love. In the background, there is another guy whom Mandy has become good friends with and whom secretly loves her.  And because life is full of surprises, she runs into her ex-boyfriend again along the way.

Follow Mandy’s adventure as she falls in love with Korea and hopefully along the way, finds the right guy – one who loves her.

And as always, I welcome your comments and feedback!!

Click here for Chapter 1

Cindy Zimmer

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  • April 27, 2012 at 9:29 am

    I’m not much of a Reader, but for some reasons I cant explain I cant wait to read “Love in the Land of Morning Calm” ^___^

    • April 27, 2012 at 9:40 am

      Yay!! I hope you enjoy it Evans 🙂

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