Who’s Coming to 2K12 Korea Night?

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Have you bought your ticket? If you haven’t, do not pass go! Do not collect $200 (sorry, I love monopoly)! Head straight on over to Canadian Music Week’s website and buy your tickets now. 2K12 Korea Night is going to ROCK!!

First we get to listen (dance) to fabulous K-pop music from Brian Joo, G.Na, Teen Top and A Pink. But that’s not all, to top off the night Toronto will get to party to three great Korean indie bands – Crying Nut, 3rd Line Butterfly and Yellow Monsters. This will be a night you don’t want to miss! K-pop and Korean indie music all in one night… I must be in heaven. So excited!!

And just in case my gushing about the fab music isn’t selling you to come to 2K12 Korea Night… check out the adorable Brian Joo… 

Just the facts:

  • Where: Kool Haus (The Guvernent) in Toronto
  • When: Wednesday, March 21 – that’s tomorrow! Doors open at 7:00pm
  • How to buy ticketsOnline (buy them NOW!). 
  • Cost: $29.38 CAD (ticket + handling + taxes) 
  • Who can come: It’s an all-ages event, anyone can!
  • Line-up schedule:
APink – 8:00pm
Teen Top – 8:30pm
G.Na – 9:00pm
Brian Joo – 9:30pm
Crying Nut – 10:00pm
3rd Line Butterfly – 11:00pm
Yellow Monsters – 12:00am
Go buy your tickets now!! I’ll be there! You should be there too 🙂

Cindy Zimmer

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