2K12 Korea Night Contest Winner!

And we have a winner! Wacky Cashew! In order to be completely fair since I knew several of the people who entered the contest, I used Random.org’s List Randomizer and here are the results.

List Randomizer

There were 23 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Wacky Cashew
  2. Chuck/Lee Byung Joo 
  3. Annie Guo
  4. @Brianjoo110 
  5. Ivy Choi
  6. James Yoo
  7. Keyah
  8. DoubleJMan (@DoubleJMan_)
  9. Mara
  10. @psy12035 
  11. Annie Bannanie
  12. 크리스탈 crystal (@sugarycandy)
  13. San
  14. Tania
  15. @YooJ11 
  16. Wacky Cashew
  17. @MaLa0910 
  18. Sumaiya
  19. Chuck/Lee Byung Joo
  20. James Yoo
  21. mαry-αnnє (@MaLa0910)
  22. @anniebannanie9 
  23. Rebecca Ng

Timestamp: 2012-03-13 01:13:18 UTC

Thanks to everyone who entered!! 

To the winner, Wacky Cashew, I’ll be in contact via email to arrange a time for you to pick up your two free tickets.

Cindy Zimmer

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