Review: Blue, Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby Music Videos by Big Bang

I’ve been in K-pop heaven recently. In the past few weeks new music was released by Brian Joo, Jay Park, Se7en and Big Bang. I’ve had to revamp my little Shuffle with all the fab new K-pop I now own! It’s been wonderful! And not only do I have great new music to dance around my house to but there was actual K-pop played in a bar/club the other night (for more on that, check out my review) AND some K-pop artists will be playing a show in Toronto during Canadian Music Week. In two weeks I will be watching K-pop live again! 나는 K-pop을 좋아해요! Now if only Big Bang will confirm the rumour that they’re performing in Toronto, life would be damn near perfect!

Speaking of Big Bang… I mentioned during my review of their 5th mini album, Alive, that I would also be reviewing their music videos. Well, since they’ve released videos for my favourite three songs from Alive… it’s time for that review! I’m going to review them in order of release. I won’t go into how much I love the mini-album or Big Bang – although I do love both 나는 빅뱅을 좋아해요! – because I probably have a half a dozen posts on them. But if you haven’t bought Alive yet… what are you waiting for??? Go! Buy! It! NOW!! Seriously, it rocks! And from what I’m reading, so does their concert. Here’s a fun read about one of their recent concerts in Seoul. I remember seeing them in 2007 (twice) and 2008 (once) and they were fabulous then so I can imagine that now they are… hmm… what’s a better word than fabulous? Extraordinary! Magnificent! Tremendous! Big Bang, come to Toronto! Please!!!

Okay, no more exclamation points… on to the music video reviews.


This was the first music video released and I absolutely love the song. I love how the video was filmed – with filters that mute most of the colours but allow some to stand out – and the locations in New York City suited the subdued lyrics. But for all the ways that the video suited the song; it’s not one that draws me to watch it. The song, yeah I’ve already listened to it dozens of times already and it’s on my new Shuffle playlist for the commute to work (plus I’m listening to it now). I love the song but while the video suits the song with its subdued colours and expressions, it just doesn’t impress me. Plus, why only one girl? What’s up with that?

It does make me want to give them all a hug, with their sad and serious expressions! And I want to learn all the Korean as I must be missing something important… the whole one girl thing, who doesn’t seem to be interacting with any of them really. Conclusion: the music is stronger than the video.

Bad Boy

I both like and don’t like this video. The song rocks but my feelings about the video are more ambiguous. One of the best parts of it is how the video moves from one member to the next as someone else starts singing/rapping. This is very well done and keeps the flow of both the song and the video smooth and seamless. I also like that everyone seems to have their own girl for a change but like Eat Your Kimchi find it difficult to believe that anyone would turn down any of the Big Bang members, let alone watching them all strike out. But the simplicity of the video rocks! Hmm… maybe I do like the video 🙂 However, what’s up with the giant skull necklace on TOP? But I do love his facial expressions! For someone who reputed to be shy, he sure looks like he has attitude 🙂 See… ambiguous feelings… for every good point, I find something I don’t like as much.

For the most part – other than TOP’s necklace – I like the fashion in the video, even if I want to put a coat on Tae Yang because he looks cold. Betcha never thought I would want him to put on more clothes! Oh yeah, can’t say that I’m fond of G Dragon’s new hairstyle either. For all the reasons I just mentioned, it’s a fun video but not a spectacular one.

Fantastic Baby

Love, love, love this music video! Definitely my favourite of the three! It’s actually up there as one of my favourite music videos ever. Totally surprised and delighted by it. I could keep waxing poetic but let’s try to explain why I love it! Beyond the fact that the song makes me want to get up and dance – I can’t listen to it at work because I can’t sit still while listening to it, and yes, I listen to K-pop at work. K-pop makes me happy and who doesn’t want to be happy at work? I love the story the video is telling. The whole waking up from cryro-freeze thing. Love it!

G Dragon and Tae Yang rock in the video. G Dragon is his usual “fantastic” self and totally rocks the throne. Could have done without the black & white lipstick but he has such stage presence and has perfected that almost-snarl that totally works for this video, and as always, has great style. But it’s Tae Yang that totally steals this video. Yeah, I’m partial to him (he’s adorable) but wow, is he ever fierce in this video. The dancing on the throne; the fierce, strong eyes; the killer bod… “wow, fantastic baby!” And speaking of fantastic bodies… Dae Sung… in chains! OMG! I never knew! And he had fierce eyes too. It brings on shades of his rock persona which totally works for him. Actually to be honest, the only guy who’s not trying to be sexy is TOP because Seung Ri has his sexy scene too. And before you going making fun of me for going on and on about the sex appeal of Fantastic Baby, what is a poor girl suppose to think with all those wonderful – and bare – chests in the video. “Wow, fantastic baby!” But I do like the video for way more reasons that the lack of clothing in it. Great storyline, fierce performances, and a super dancable song… it’s the whole package.

So that’s what I think. Which of the three music videos do you like the best? 

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